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After Libya a new civil war a new civil war starts in Africa Ivory Coast 3003112.

| 2011
Defense News - Ivory Coast

Wednesday, March 30 2011, 05:59 PM

After Libya, a new civil war starts in Africa, Ivory Coast.
As the world's attention is focused on the conflict in Libya, another African country -- the Ivory Coast on Africa's west coast -- is sliding toward another bloody civil war, according to observers who keep a close eye on warring factions there.

In the most recent developments, the city of Bondoukou in eastern Ivory Coast fell into the hands of rebel fighters who support challenger Alassane Ouattara and fight under the name Republican Forces. The international community recognizes Ouattara as the winner of the presidential election, but Laurent Gbagbo claims he won re-election and has refused to step aside.

France is submitting draft UN resolutions to ban the use of heavy weapons in Abidjan, and to impose sanctions on incumbent Laurent Gbagbo and those close to him.

Gbagbo alleges vote rigging in the election and refuses to step down in favour of Alassane Ouattara, who is recognised internationally to have won the election.

Ouattara's forces are actually foreign mercenaries who are being armed by the United Nations and France, Kokora alleges. He accused the rebels of burning villages and taking in fighters from Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria.

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