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Hawkei armoured vehicle prototypes delivered to Australia’s Department Defence for testing 2802114.

| 2011
Defense Industry News - Thales Australia

Monday, February 28, 2011, 03:11 PM

Hawkei armoured vehicle prototypes delivered to Australia’s Department of Defence for testing.
Thales Australia has delivered two prototypes of its ground-breaking Hawkei vehicle to Australia’s Department of Defence. The vehicles are being submitted for verification and validation under the Department’s LAND 121 Phase 4 program, which will replace part of the Army’s fleet of Land Rovers with light protected mobility vehicles.
Video Hawkei high protected wheeled armoured vehicle
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Link to Data Sheet and pictures Hawkei high protected wheeled armoured vehicle

Chris Jenkins, Thales Australia’s CEO, said the delivery marked a significant chapter in a rapid development program that had made full use of the company’s protected mobility expertise.

“The Hawkei is an impressive vehicle that has been developed to meet the specific operational requirements of the Australian Defence Force,” he said. “We have leveraged the experience gained on the highly successful Bushmaster program, and teamed with world-class partners including Plasan, Boeing Defence Australia and the PAC Group, to deliver a unique, innovative, and high performance vehicle to the Commonwealth.

"The speed the Hawkei team has demonstrated to develop these prototypes shows that we have the capability to manufacture and deliver this cost-effective and versatile vehicle in response to urgent requirements, as Australia's only genuinely local manufacturer of protected mobility vehicles.”

The Hawkei is characterised by a large protected interior space for crew, equipment and stores; four doors for easy access; Bushmaster levels of blast and ballistic protection; advanced technology for rapid up-armouring in the field; and straightforward reconfiguration between variants.

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