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Astais adds a 6x6 variant to its Patrol family of armoured combat vehicles 20909163.

| 2016
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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Astais adds a 6x6 variant to its Patrol family of armoured combat vehicles
At this second edition of Army International Military Technical Forum, the truck manufacturer Astais showcases a new 6x6 variant in its Patrol family of armoured combat vehicles. The Patrol-A 4x4 variant is currently being tested by the Russian Armed Forces.
Patrol 6x6 Societe Astais 001Astais' new Patrol 6x6 Armoured Combat Vehicle at Army 2016
The 4x4 and 6x6 apparently share the same main technical specs, but the later has a bigger load capacity. Russian Ministry of Defense already shown interest in the 4x4 variant of the Patrol ACV, the Russian news agency TASS said in October 2015.

The Patrol-A armored vehicle chassis is based on that of the Kamaz-43502 truck with a 4x4 wheel drive. "This is another advantage of the vehicle since the number of Kamaz truck maintenance centers in the world is quite high," Nikolai Germichev, Astais Moscow representation deputy director, said.

Patrol 4x4 Societe Astais 001Astais' Patrol-A 4x4 Armoured Combat Vehicle at Army 2016
The Patrol chassis has a conventional layout different from that of the baseline analog. The ACV accommodates 10 men and its basic armor protection meets Br4 GOST standard protection against 5.45 mm 7N10 rounds and 7.62 mm bullets fired from the Kalashnikov assault rifle. "If the customer desires, the protection can be optionally reinforced to the Br6a GOST level /protection against an armor piercing incendiary 7.62 mm bullet fired from the SVD sniper rifle.

The Patrol-A armored vehicle is designed for a terrain patrol, reconnaissance and personnel transportation. The combat vehicle outfit weighs 12.7 tons; the payload is 1.5 tons, personnel capacity 10 men. "The armored vehicle can be fitted with different fighting modules, including remotely controlled ones," Germichev added. The maximum road speed of the vehicle is 100 km/h. The latest version of the Patrol-A is powered by a Russian-manufactured engine and gearbox.



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