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HSW from Poland delivers more RAK 8x8 120mm mortar carriers to Polish army.

| 2021

The Polish company Huta Stalowa Wola S.A (HSW) has delivered eight RAK 120mm 8x8 self-propelled mortar carriers and four 8x8 command post armored vehicles to the 12th mechanized brigade of the Polish army.
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RAK 120mm 8x8 self-propelled mortar carrier of the Polish army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The contract for the delivery of 64 RAK 120mm mortar systems and 32 command post armored vehicles was concluded with the Polish army in 2016. The first prototype of the vehicle was presented at MSPO Defense Exhibition, and the final production of the RAK was unveiled in September 2015.

The RAK is a 120mm wheeled self-propelled mortar carrier fully designed and produced by the Polish company Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) for the Polish Army. The vehicle is based on the chassis of the Rosomak 8×8 armored vehicle.

The RAK 120 mm is fitted with a turret armed with a 120 mm breech-loaded mortar system with a barrel length of 3,000 mm. A total of 46 120 mm mortar projectiles and their associated charges is carried and the automatic loading system enables a rate of fire of 6 to 8 rounds/min and has a maximum firing range of 10 km. The vehicle has a crew of three including a driver, commander, and gunner.

The RAK mortar vehicle is motorized with a Scania DI1249A03P turbocharged diesel engine coupled to a ZF Ecomat 7HP 902S automatic gearbox with seven forward plus one reverse gear. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 80 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 500 km.

The command post vehicle is also based on the Rosomak 8x8 armored chassis but the vehicle has no turret. The vehicle is designed to perform tasks within the scope of fire preparation and control, deployment of command posts, sourcing and preparing data concerning firing conditions and reconnaissance information, necessary for enemy objects destruction.

The roof of the vehicle is fitted with a one-man open-top turret armed with one 7.62mm machine gun which can be used to provide close protection of the vehicle.

HSW from Poland delivers more RAK 8x8 120mm mortar carriers to Polish army 925 002
Command post 8x8 armored vehicle for RAK 120mm mortar unit. (Picture source HSW)

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