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Border guards units of China receive new JM ATV All-Terrain Tracked Vehicles.

| 2022

Border troops of the Chinese armed forces received new JM ATVs (All-Terrain tracked vehicle) which is similar to the design of the BvS10 Viking produced by the company BAE Systems.
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The new JM ATV All-Terrain tracked vehicle of Chinese army border guards units. (Picture source China MoD)

The newly JM ATV All-Tererain tracked vehicle has a length of  8m in length and consists of two vehicles coupled together by a special articulation mechanism. The first vehicle is used as a driver's cabin, while the vehicle can be used as a troops carrier or cargo area. It can accommodate up to 12 military personnel and can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Boasting great climbing capacity and strong power, the ATV can move on various complex terrains such as snowfields, mountains, forests, deserts, and swamps, even if there is a steep slope.

The Baketu border defense company of the PLA Xinjiang Military Command of the Chinese army is stationed on China’s northwest border guarding the 19.2km borderline with Kazakhstan. The border patrol team used to walk a whole day in the snow while patrolling the borderline in winter, but this year, it was otherwise. In a recent patrol, the troops used a new type of all-terrain vehicle (ATV), handset radio, security camera with laser-assisted auto-focus, and other new devices.

According to the Chinese border guards, it was very hard to access certain spots along the long borderline in winter due to strong wind and thick snow. The newly distributed ATV and other new devices enabled the border defense company to perform duties more efficiently with their strong maneuverability and great performance, helping ensure smart border defense and stability in the border region.

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