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DSA 2022: Instalaza from Spain displays its C90-CR rocket launcher which is used in Ukraine.

| 2022

Spanish company Instalaza presents its full range of C90 anti-tank rocket weapon systems at DSA 2022, a defense exhibition in Malaysia. Recently, Spain has donated 1,370 C90 to Ukraine as part of the fight against Russian forces.

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Spanish company Instalaza presents its C90-CR man-portable single-use rocket launcher weapon system at DSA 2022, defense exhibition in Malaysia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The C90-CR is a single shot anti-tank rocket weapon system specially designed to be used by infantry troops. It can launch a wide range of rockets including anti-tank, dual-purpose, and anti-bunker. This version in the C90 family can be fired from small confined spaces.

The C90-CR uses a fiberglass/plastic launch tube that integrates one rocket. The tube launcher is fitted with an optic allowing firing at a maximum range of 350m for a point target and 700 m for an area target. It is transported thanks to the use of a shoulder strap which is attached to the launcher tube.

For the optic, the C90 includes a 2X folding optical sight and a firing mechanism, both integral parts of the disposable launching tube. Two night vision devices can be also mounted on the launching tube including the VN38-C (image intensifier tube) and the VN-IR (thermal camera), which do not require bore sighting and can be attached and removed in the battlefield within seconds.

The C90-CR has a weight of only 5 kg with a length of 940 mm which allows it to be easily transported by a single soldier. For shooting, the C90-CR is easy to use and requires no special training. The firing mechanism is mounted on the top of the tube launcher consisting of an arming rod, a safe-fire selector, and the trigger.

The C90-CR can penetrate up to 500 mm of armored steel and 1,000 mm in concrete. It can be used against main battle tanks and light armored vehicles.

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