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Lithuania plans to acquire 18 French-made Nexter CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzers.

| 2022

According to information published by several French newspapers on July 15, 2022, Lithuania signed a letter of intent to procure 18 French-made CAESAR 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers manufactured by the French company Nexter.
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French Army CAESAR 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Lithuania is about to become the tenth country to acquire the French-made CAESAR 155mm wheeled self-propelled from the company Nexter.

This choice of CAESAR was recommended by General Valdemaras Rupšys, Lithuanian Chief of Defense Staff, in April. Lithuania plans to equip the artillery battalion of the "General Motiejus Pečiulionis" brigade which is currently equipped with 54 American M101 105 mm towed guns of American that were transferred by Denmark to the Lithuanian army in 2002.

According to the Lithuanian press, there is also talks between France and Lithuania to acquire the latest generation of the French-made wheeled self-propelled howitzer, the CAESAR NG which is a new variant offering more protection and mobility.

In May 2022, Belgium approved the purchase of nine French-made CAESAR NG and at the end of June 2022, Belgium confirmed the acquisition of 19 19 additional CAESAR NG.

Currently, 12 French-made CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzers were given to Ukraine. They have already shown great efficiency in combating Russian forces with great precision allowing destroying several Russian tanks as well as artillery systems.

The CAESAR entered into service with the French army in 1998. The French self-propelled howitzer CAESAR is now a combat-proven artillery system that has been already deployed all over the world to conduct combat operations.

The 6x6 wheeled self-propelled howitzer CAESAR is armed with a 155 mm/52 caliber cannon mounted at the rear of the truck chassis. It can fire a wide range of ammunition: among others, LU family (HE, Illuminating, Smoke and Practice) filled with insensitive or conventional explosives, the BONUS (Anti-Tank, smart), ERFB NR (Explosive Extended-Range Full-Bore), as well as the new KATANA 155mm, guided artillery ammunition. It has a firing range from 4.5 to 40 km and a high level of accuracy with the LU family. In direct firing mode, the maximum range is 2 km.

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