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Argentina to Add New TAM2C A2 Main Battle Tanks to Its Arsenal.

In his first management report presented to the Argentine Senate on May 16, 2024, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers Nicolás Posse announced that the Argentine Army already has two completed and evaluated TAM2C A2 tanks, with plans to add three more in the coming months.
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The TAM 2C project aims to modernize 74 tanks over five years, with an additional stage to upgrade 30 more units. (Picture source: Argentine MoD)

The Argentine Army, in collaboration with the Israeli company Elbit Systems, has begun an instructor training course on the new Medium Argentine Tanks 2C A2 (TAM 2CA2). This training, conducted at the 602nd Arsenal Battalion in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Argentina, aims to provide instruction on the latest updates incorporated into the TAM 2CA2.

The agreement with Israel covers the entire modernization process of the tank turret, including the addition of new technological components. Meanwhile, the Argentine Army is responsible for refurbishing the vehicle hulls, which involves replacing many mechanical components and spare parts.

To date, the engineering phase of the project is fully completed. The process engineering phase is ongoing, with pre-series production and testing underway, following the successful evaluation of the prototype's technical and operational performance.

The TAM 2C project aims to modernize 74 tanks over five years, with an additional stage to upgrade 30 more units, ultimately producing over 100 tanks within the projected timeframe. Former Argentine Army Deputy Chief General Diego López Blanco stated that "the TAM will be the most modern tank in the region." Despite progress, the project has faced delays, with expectations to have between 10 and 12 tanks delivered by December 2023. However, as of May 2024, the Argentine Army only possesses two TAM2C A2 combat tanks.

The TAM2C A2 is a modernized version of the Argentine medium tank TAM. It is armed with a main 105 mm gun, a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, and a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted on the roof. Intended for use by the Argentine Army, this tank benefits from several technological improvements.

To optimize its combat performance, the TAM2C A2 is equipped with a sophisticated fire control system, an optical sight and rangefinder, and a ballistic computer. It also features an air filtering device, a fire suppression system, and a battle management system coupled with smoke grenades. For communication and coordination, the tank integrates an intercom system and an advanced communication system.

The tank is designed for a crew of four and has armor capable of withstanding small arms fire, shell splinters, and armor-piercing ammunition up to 20 mm. Weighing 30,000 kg, the TAM2C A2 can reach a speed of 75 km/h and has a range of 940 km, making it both fast and enduring on the battlefield.

In terms of dimensions, the TAM2C A2 measures 8.23 meters in length, 3.29 meters in width, and 2.71 meters in height. These specifications contribute to its maneuverability and operational efficiency in various terrain conditions.

Despite initial delays, the development of the Argentine combat tank continues inexorably. If all goes as planned, Argentina should possess around one hundred modernized tanks, representing a significant force in the region.

The TAM2C A2 is a modernized version of the Argentine medium tank TAM. ( Picture Source: Argentine MoD)

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