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DSA 2024 : Aselsan exposes F-16 compatible cruise missile named TOLUN.

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The TOLUN, developed by the Turkish defense firm ASELSAN, is a precision-guided munition designed for high-precision strikes. Tolun missile can be mounted on drones, jets and all NATO armement delivery aircraft capable of carring SPQR rack system. The missile is presented at DSA 2024, exhibition in Malaysia during 6-9 May 2024.
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Tolun cruise missile presented at DSA 2024 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Tolun missile is the result of cooperation between Tübitak SAGE industry for warhead and Aselsan for the guidance and propulsion sytem. TOLUN has the capability of attacking 8 different targets in on sortie within the range of 55 NM using its retarding diamond shaped wings. TOLUN is capable of penetrating reinforced concrete targets with its high precision hit capability and its hardened special shaped nose structure. It can be used against strategic targets in every combat areas.

Weighing 140 kg and measuring 180 cm in length, the missile uses INS technology and guidance systems to achieve precision with less than 10 meters of error, and can fly at an altitude of 40,000 feet, which is more than 12 kilometers. It integrates advanced GPS, INS (Inertial Navigation System), and IIR (Imaging Infrared) guidance technologies.

This munition is particularly noted for its ability to hit both static and moving targets up to approximately 80 kilometers away, with an impressive accuracy of less than 3 meters Circular Error Probable (CEP). It can be launched from various platforms including F-16 jets and the Bayraktar Akıncı UAVs, and is compatible with the Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack (SADAK-4T) for efficient multi-target engagement. F-16 can carry and employ8 TOLUN by using SADAK-4T so the number of aircraft sorties needed to complete the mission decreases.

TOLUN has folded wings that are employed after release to provide extended range. according to Aselsan Tolun can penetrate 1 meter of reinforced concrete targets in range of 30 nautical miles ( 40km). Additionally, ASELSAN has achieved a significant milestone with TOLUN by securing a $35 million export contract for these munitions, marking its entry into the international market. This deal includes the integration of TOLUN munitions with the Bayraktar AKINCI platforms.

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