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DSA 2024: Deftech Unveils AHRV Armoured Heavy Recovery Vehicle in Malaysia.

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At the DSA 2024 exhibition currently underway in Malaysia, Deftech has unveiled its latest vehicle, the Armoured Heavy Recovery Vehicle (AHRV), a new addition to its specialized military vehicle lineup. This new model represents an advancement in terms of recovery capabilities and on-field support, illustrating Deftech's ongoing commitment to defense innovation and technology.
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The AHRV is a Malaysian recovery vehicle. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The AHRV is powered by a Volvo D13A520 engine, designed to deliver optimal performance under extreme conditions. Its 315-liter fuel capacity allows for a range of 500 kilometers. With a maximum road speed of 100 km/h, the AHRV can move quickly to meet the demands of recovery missions.

This engine, which generates a maximum output of 382 kW, or about 520 horsepower, at a speed ranging from 1500 to 1800 revolutions per minute, is optimized to provide a robust torque of 2500 Nm in a range from 1050 to 1450 rpm. This ability to deliver high torque at low speeds is ideal for heavy applications such as vehicle recovery, where low-speed power is crucial.

Designed to operate efficiently in challenging environments, the AHRV features a parabolic leaf suspension, optimized to provide increased stability and mobility across various terrains. The vehicle can overcome obstacles with an integrated bulldozer blade, thus enhancing its ability to navigate through devastated or heavily damaged areas. Additionally, it has an approach angle of 29.5 degrees and a departure angle of 22.2 degrees.

The AHRV is also equipped to handle heavy recovery tasks, with a winch and a recovery crane that can lift to 30 tonnes each. These features make it indispensable for towing damaged or immobilized vehicles, as well as for lifting operations on the battlefield.

Safety and communication are key aspects of the AHRV, with equipment including VHF and HF communication systems, as well as an intercom for smooth coordination among team members, consisting of a driver, a commander, and two mechanics. In terms of armament, the vehicle is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun, ensuring the crew's protection during recovery operations.

It is interesting to see the presentation of an indigenous vehicle model at the DSA 2024 exhibition in Malaysia. The Armoured Heavy Recovery Vehicle presents interesting technical features that are likely to attract potential clients, now awaiting to see the real capabilities of this new Malaysian vehicle. Its first purchase could come from Malaysia itself, a smart move if the country wants to support its military industry.

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