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Greece in Talks with Israel for Spyder Air Defense System Acquisition.

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The Greek Ministry of Defense is currently in negotiations with the Israeli defense company Rafael to finalize an agreement that would include the company's Spyder air defense system. The war in Ukraine has spurred international demand for this battle-tested air defense system. Some time ago, we already mentioned Greece's desire to emulate Israel's Iron Dome system as of April 19, 2024, on Army Recognition.
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The SPYDER system is a short and medium-range air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, originating from Israel. (Picture source: Rafael)

The Czech Republic and Morocco have chosen Rafael's Spyder air defense system to meet their short-range air defense needs. Recently, Rafael, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, successfully conducted a test of the advanced SPYDER air defense system in its latest unique configuration - All In One. This test included intercepting an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a challenging operational scenario, resulting in a direct and effective hit.

The SPYDER system, produced by Rafael, is currently operationally used by numerous military forces worldwide, providing comprehensive air defense solutions against various airborne threats, including missiles, UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, and tactical ballistic missiles. The system neutralizes threats through two families of interceptor missiles manufactured by Rafael: PYTHON and Derby.

The SPYDER system is a short and medium-range air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, originating from Israel. It has been in service since 2005 and has been used in various contexts, including conflicts such as the Russo-Georgian War (unconfirmed) and the 2019 skirmishes between India and Pakistan. The SPYDER includes several variants, including the SPYDER-SR, SPYDER-MR, and SPYDER LR (against tactical ballistic missiles).

The SPYDER is designed to neutralize a range of aerial threats, including missiles, drones, aircraft, and helicopters. It is equipped with PYTHON-5 and Derby missiles, produced by Rafael, which are guided respectively by an infrared guidance system and electro-optical imaging for the PYTHON-5, and by an active radar guidance system for the Derby.

Each Missile Firing Unit (MFU) of the SPYDER system can carry up to four PYTHON-5 or Derby missiles, in any combination, offering great operational flexibility. The missiles have different flight characteristics, with varying ranges and maximum altitudes, allowing the SPYDER system to provide effective coverage in various tactical situations.

The SPYDER system is mounted on various types of launch trucks, such as the Tatra 817, Mercedes-Benz Actros, RMMV HX, MAN TGS, Scania P-series, and Dongfeng, providing it with great mobility on the battlefield. With its ability to be rapidly deployed and provide effective air defense, the SPYDER system represents an essential component of the defense capabilities of numerous operators worldwide.

Recently, Rafael introduced a new configuration for the SPYDER - the All in One, which integrates radar, electro-optical launcher, advanced control and command system, and PYTHON and Derby interceptors onto a single platform. This configuration serves as an ideal air defense solution for either point defense or area defense, whether as part of a SPYDER battery or deployed independently with minimal operator intervention. During a recent test conducted in Israel, the SPYDER All in One system successfully intercepted a UAV in a complex operational scenario, achieving a precise interception of the target.

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