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Strengthening of defense cooperation between Turkiye Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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Türkiye, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia marked a turning point in their defense cooperation during their second trilateral meeting in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. This meeting, attended by senior military officials from all three countries, underscored their shared desire to intensify collaboration in the defense sector.
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Türkiye, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia marked a turning point in their defense cooperation during their second trilateral meeting in Rawalpindi, Pakistan (Picture source: Army Recognition)

At this meeting, emphasis was placed on the importance of combining intellectual, technical, financial, and human resources to achieve common objectives and attain self-sufficiency in defense.

Discussions particularly focused on cooperation in defense equipment technology. This gathering represents a crucial step in strengthening relations between these countries, with a special interest in the development and sharing of defense technologies. The third meeting of this kind is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in February, following the first meeting held in Riyadh in August 2023.

This trilateral initiative reflects the three nations' desire to create a more solid and integrated defense cooperation block. This could have implications for regional security dynamics, especially in a context where defense technology and military collaboration play an increasingly central role.

The defense cooperation between Türkiye, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia is not new. For instance, Pakistan has ordered MILGEM corvettes from Turkey and uses AKINCI and Bayraktar TB2 combat drones. Additionally, Türkiye recently signed a $3.1 billion agreement with Saudi Arabia for the supply of AKINCI UCAVs. These developments highlight the growing importance of technological and industrial cooperation in defense between these countries.

But what are the broader implications of such cooperation, and what could it mean for the future?

This collaboration may symbolize a convergence of strategic interests among the three countries. It could help create a more united regional block facing common security challenges, such as terrorism. Cooperation in the development and sharing of defense technologies could lead to improved military capabilities for each of the participating countries. This might include advancements in armaments, drones, air defense systems, etc.

The partnership could also have an economic impact, particularly through the trade of arms and military equipment. Joint technology development could lead to cost reduction and increased efficiency. By enhancing their defense capabilities and unifying their positions, these countries might exert more significant influence in regional conflicts or international security matters. Finally, this partnership could affect these countries' bilateral relations with other nations, either by strengthening existing alliances or creating tensions with countries that might perceive this cooperation as a threat.

This trilateral cooperation represents a significant strategic development, reflecting a convergence of interests and a joint will to strengthen defense capabilities and technological autonomy among the three countries.


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