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French Army Showcases Cutting-Edge Combat Vehicles in Live Demonstration at Eurosatory 2024.

At Eurosatory 2024, the French Army conducted an impressive live demonstration featuring the latest generation of combat and armored vehicles from the Scorpion program. This showcase highlighted the French military's technological advancements and combat readiness, underscoring its commitment to modernizing its armed forces
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The Jaguar is a new generation of wheeled reconnaissance armored vehicle which is now in service with the French Army. (Picture source: Army Recognition Group)

The demonstration included a dynamic display of the Griffon and Jaguar armored vehicles, both integral to the Scorpion program. The Griffon, a multi-role armored vehicle, and the Jaguar, a reconnaissance and combat vehicle, exemplify the latest in military vehicle technology, combining advanced protection systems with state-of-the-art weaponry.

In addition to these armored vehicles, the French Army also showcased a 120mm mortar mounted on the Fardier all-terrain vehicle. This combination enhances mobility and firepower, allowing for rapid deployment and effective engagement in diverse combat scenarios.

The newly introduced VAB ARLAT anti-drone combat vehicle was another highlight of the demonstration. This vehicle represents the French Army's proactive approach to countering emerging threats, such as drones, which are increasingly used in modern warfare.

The famous CAESAR (CAmion Équipé d'un Système d'ARtillerie) self-propelled howitzer and the VBL (Véhicule Blindé Léger) light armored vehicle also featured prominently in the demonstration. The CAESAR is renowned for its exceptional range and precision, making it a cornerstone of French artillery capabilities, while the VBL offers enhanced reconnaissance and rapid mobility on the battlefield.

Eurosatory 2024 serves as a crucial platform for defense and security professionals to observe and assess the latest military technologies. The French Army's live demonstration not only showcased its current capabilities but also highlighted its ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to the evolving demands of modern combat.

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