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Galvion Produces Combat Proven Advanced Helmets and Power Solutions for Military Applications.

Galvion, a leader in military equipment innovation, presents cutting-edge solutions for head protection and power management tailored for modern battlefield demands. Their head systems, including the Batlskin Viper and Caiman helmets, provide unparalleled protection, comfort, and modularity. These helmets feature advanced materials and designs to ensure safety and adaptability.
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Galvion displays its full range of combat helmet solutions and power management systems for military applications during Eurosatory 2024, a defense exhibition in Paris, France.  (Picture source: Army Recognition Group)

Galvion's Advanced Helmet Solutions: Enhancing Survivability for Modern Military Operations

Galvion's Batlskin® head systems are meticulously designed to enhance survivability in modern military operations by combining advanced protection, agility, mobility, and integration. The use of innovative materials such as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) results in lighter helmets that provide superior ballistic and impact protection, even in extreme temperatures.

At the heart of their production process is their Newport facility, which employs cutting-edge composite manufacturing techniques. This facility has the capability to produce helmets using both polyethylene and aramid, thanks to its flexible tooling and advanced equipment, including new chilling capacity, a Gerber material cutting machine, and molds that provide both heating and chilling during the shell molding process.

Galvion's expertise with UHMWPE ensures that their helmets deliver exceptional high-velocity fragmentation protection and resistance to 9mm RTP, compression, and impact. Their ongoing research and collaboration with UHMWPE suppliers help refine the manufacturing nuances, ensuring consistent performance and protection in varied environments.

The Batlskin Viper® Modular Head Protection System exemplifies this commitment to protection and adaptability. This system includes custom components like multi-purpose front mounts, rail systems, a three-position visor, and mandible guards, offering comprehensive head and facial protection against a wide range of threats while allowing for the integration of headborne devices. The Viper system's modular design has been adapted for use in other industries and applications, including tactical, paramilitary, and special operations.

The Batlskin Caiman® Helmet Suite is another standout offering, designed specifically for Special Operations Forces. This suite includes a ballistic helmet system, a hybrid helmet system, and a bump helmet system, all designed for maximum scalability and integration. The Caiman Hybrid Helmet system can be equipped with a ballistic applique to provide additional protection as needed, making it highly adaptable to varying threats and unpredictable scenarios.

Galvion's relentless focus on research and development ensures that their head protection systems remain at the forefront of military technology, providing soldiers with the best possible tools to enhance their survivability in the field.

Galvion's expertise with UHMWPE ensures that their helmets deliver exceptional high-velocity fragmentation protection and resistance to 9mm RTP, compression, and impact.  (Picture source Galvion)

Galvion's Advanced Power Solutions for Military Applications

Galvion's Nerv Centr® power supply and management suite addresses the challenge of powering numerous devices on the modern battlefield, such as radios, NVGs, GPS units, smartphones, laptops, and drones. These solutions significantly reduce the physical burden of carrying multiple batteries. The Nerv Centr products allow users to manage power like a combat supply—storing, harvesting, and sharing it efficiently. This energy efficiency not only ensures power availability but also reduces logistical demands and costs.

At Galvion's Marlborough facility, a dedicated engineering team collaborates closely with manufacturing and assembly teams to create high-quality power management solutions. These products, including slim lithium batteries, power managers, and intelligent chargers, are rigorously tested and certified to meet stringent military and civilian standards. Constant innovation allows for real-time software updates in the field, enhancing safety and capability.

Galvion's power management solutions include the SoloPack™, a high-density energy module equivalent in size and weight to a 30-round magazine, capable of powering a high-tech user for a 12-hour mission. The Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) and Individual Power Manager™ (IPM) offer compact, rugged power management with intelligent software for versatile equipment charging. The Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) is customizable for charging multiple batteries with optimized power use and charge times. These solutions have been tailored for specific needs of the U.S. Marine Corps, Air National Guard, and other international operators, ensuring advanced power management capabilities in any environment or mission scenario.

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