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Russian army Airborne units parachuted armoured infantry combat vehicle BMD-2 with the crew inside


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BMD-2 airborne armoured vehicle parachuted with the crew inside

Friday , 26 March 2010, 18:53 PM

Russian army Airborne units parachuted armoured vehicle BMD-2 with the crew inside (Ria Novosti)
A BMD-2 airborne infantry combat vehicle took its first manned drop during the drills that the 76th Guards Airborne Division Russian Army held in the Pskov Region on March 25. The vehicles had already been parachuted in 2003 but without paratroopers inside them.
“Over 750 paratroopers and 14 military vehicles were dropped from military transport Il-76 aircraft,” said Alexander Cherednik, the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson for Airborne Troops.
The first to land were scouts with Arbalet steerable parachutes. After they secured the landing area the manned vehicles were dropped with multi-cupola systems. Once on the ground, the paratroopers primed the vehicles and set about capturing their targets.
Representatives of 13 countries watched the drills. Military attaches from China, Pakistan, Japan, the U.S., Germany, France, Italy and other countries were able to assess the capability of Russia’s military vehicles.
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