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DCNS signs with SEC Industries a contract for the local manufacture of equipment for submarines.

| 2012
Naval Industry News - France, India
DCNS signs with SEC Industries a contract for the local manufacture of equipment for the Indian Scorpene submarines
DCNS India** signed a contract with SEC Industries for the manufacture of equipment (hull hatches, cofferdam doors, knuckle hoses, ballast vent valves, High Pressure air cylinders, weapon handling and storage system). Over the coming years, SEC will manufacture equipment under a TOT provided by DCNS India and they will be progressively delivered to our customer, Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL), for integration onboard the P75 Scorpene submarines.

“The contract with SEC is part of the indigenization program implemented by DCNS India under the P75 Mazagon Purchased Materials (MPM) contracts. Through this will to manufacture in India, we are developing strong industrial partnerships and capabilities for the P75 and future programs. Together with our partners, we are positioning ourselves for the long term”, declared Bernard Buisson, Managing Director of DCNS India.

The concerned equipment are highly specific due to the physical constraints they will face onboard the submarines. As for the recent deliveries from Flash Forge, the local production will follow DCNS’ strict quality standards to ensure the submarines’ optimal performances with maximum safety over the long term.
DCNS, a world leader in naval defence, signed through DCNS India a contract with SEC Industries worth Rs 310-cr (approximately €50 million) for the local manufcture of equipment for the P75 Scorpene submarines*.
Scorpene Submarine of the Armada de Chile
DCNS, through DCNS India and its support teams in France, is providing SEC Industries with training sessions:
• In France, over 40 SEC personnel are to be trained within DCNS facilities for over a year periods (on 2012 and 2013);
• In Hyderabad, DCNS India will provide On the Job Training and technical support to assist the implementation of manufacturing processes and Quality Control procedures for a period of 5 years.

DCNS India will also provide the technical data package for the manufacturing and a 24/7 local assistance in order to allow SEC to meet quality requirement and on-time deliveries.

D. Vidyasagar, Managing Director of SEC Industries said “Through this contract, our company will gain in technology terms, infrastructure and trained manpower.”

“SEC Industries is upgrading its capabilities: set-up of a new workshop dedicated to this program, acquisition of new industrials means for sanding, welding and painting and recruitment of skilled manpower; technicians and engineers. Together with SEC we are investing in technology transfer for the satisfaction of our stakeholders and to be in position to get future orders from our esteemed Customer”, Bernard Buisson concluded.

In June 2011, DCNS India has signed a contract with Flash Forge India Pvt. Ltd. to supply equipment under the P75 Scorpene submarines program. The first equipment under this contract were delivered to MDL earlier this year.

Since DCNS India will be tying up with more Indian companies in the frame of P75, further announcements are to be made in future.

* Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) is producing six SSK Scorpene submarines (P75) under transfer of technology (ToT) from DCNS. Simultaneously, DCNS India, DCNS Group’s subsidiary based in Mumbai, is working at the selection and qualification of Indian companies as partners for local production of the Scorpenes’ equipments. The first Scorpene submarine is to be launched at the end of 2013 and commissioned in 2015. The last Scorpene is expected to be commissioned in 2018.

** DCNS India Private Limited was inaugurated in March 2009 in Mumbai. It is specializing in naval services. DCNS India’s main missions are to support the naval shipyards and industries (Naval Technical Advice Department), to develop local services with Indian talents (Design & Marine Engineering Department), to achieve localized production with large base industrial partners (Program Department) and to extend sourcing opportunities for both local and international needs (Sourcing & Purchasing Department).
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