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DCNS at IMDS 2013: Russian Mistral programme update.

| 2013
IMDS 2013 Daily News - DCNS at IMDS 2013
DCNS at IMDS 2013: Russian Mistral programme update
Started in late 2011, the “Russian Mistrals” program is advancing according to schedule. DCNS is supplying two BPC-type projection and command vessels to Russia under a contract that came into effect at the end of 2011.
Our exclusive interview with Yves Destefanis, Russian BPCs Programme Manager, during IMDS 2013
The assembly of blocks of the first ship (Vladivostok) at STX shipyard began early in 2013. Russian shipyards of OCK (United Shipbuilding Corporation) participates in the construction of parts for the two ships as subcontractors of STX. OCK is in charge for twelve blocks located on the rear portion of the vessels. The rear portion of the first LHD will be transferred this summer from OCK site to the site of STX to be assembled with the front section. The launch in the water of Vladivostok, the first Russian Mistral, will occur at the end of the year. Keel laying for the second LHD (Sevastopol) took place in June 2013 in Saint-Nazaire in the presence of Russian authorities.

Ordered at the beginning of 2013, DCNS will also build in partnership with STX four LCMs (Landing Craft Material) for the Russian LHDs. They will be able to project troops, equipment and vehicles for beach landing operations. The four LCMs are currently being built by DCNS in partnership with STX and will be delivered in 2014 along with the Vladivostok.
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