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China to Deliver Eight S20 Submarines to Pakistan Navy based on PLAN's Type 039A SSK.

| 2016
Naval Industry News - China, Pakistan
China to Deliver Eight S20 Submarines to Pakistan Navy based on PLAN's Type 039A SSK
According to various media, China will provide eight submarines to Pakistan for securing the coastal areas. This was disclosed in a briefing to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence by Pakistan Navy chaired by Sheikh Rohale Asghar in Islamabad on Friday.
According to various media, Pakistan's National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence was told on Tuesday that the government has approved the purchase of eight submarines from China. The deal which is still being negotiated is expected to be one of China’s biggest arms sales. Eventough the details on the exact type of submarine to be procured by the Pakistani Navy are still scarce, Navy Recognition strongly believes it will be S20 submarines.
PLAN's Type 039A Diesel Electric Submarine (SSK). The S20 is reportedly based on this type.
Under the agreement, four S20 submarines will be constructed in China and will be provided to Pakistan Navy in 2022-23 while the remaining four submarines will be constructed in Pakistan, at Karachi Shipyard, and will be handed over to Pakistan Navy in 2028. The deal is estimated to be between $4 and $5 billion USD.

The S20 diesel electric submarine (SSK) was first unveiled during IDEX 2013 as we reported at the time (see below). The S20 appears to be based on the Type 039A SSK of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) also refered as Yuan class. It is a fairly recent design first commissioned in 2008 with a displacement of 3,600 tons and a length of 75 meters.

The new chinese-made submarines will replace Pakistani Navy's current fleet of French Agosta class submarines, two of which were purchased in the 1970s and three in the 1990s. Turkey's STM won a contract to modernize these ageing submarines back in June.

Below is an excerpt of our IDEX 2013 article on the S20 with some technical details:
CSOC S20 SSK Submarine unveiled at IDEX 2013:

CSOC was also showcasing a new submarine on its stand at IDEX: The S20.

The CSOC representative gave us the following specifications for this new submarine:
Length: 66 meters
Breadth: 8 meters
Maximum Draft: 8 meters
Displacement (submerged): 2,200 tons
Maximum speed: about 20 Knots
Crew: 40

The person declined to disclose the maximum depth and endurance of the S20. We were told the weapons fit may varry according to customer requirements but the S20 may accommodate heavy torpedoes and anti-ship missiles from six torpedo tubes and deploy mines and special forces. It may also be fitted with AIP (air-independent propulsion) system if a customer requires.

Finally the CSOC representative declined to comment any similarities of the S20 with the existing Type 039A (Yuan class) submarine currently in service with the Chinese Navy.
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