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Royal Malaysian Navy Held A Poll to Name its Future SGPV LCS Gowind Frigates.

| 2017
Naval Forces News - Malaysia
Royal Malaysian Navy Held A Poll to Name its Future SGPV LCS Gowind Frigates
The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN or Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia; TLDM) ran a poll on its website to select the name of its future frigate class currently known as Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) / Second Generation Patrol Vessel (SGPV) program. The poll ran in November and December last year and is now closed.
Boustead Gowind LCS SGPV MalaysiaThe Gowind model on display at LIMA 2015 featured NSM anti-ship missile launchers
Malaysian citizens were invited to select one of three "group of names" based on one theme each:
- Theme 1: Fighter (Pejuang) "Symbol of the fighting spirit in defending the country's sovereignty".
- Theme 2: Weapon (Senjata): "Upholding the power of traditional weapons used by the warriors of the homeland against invaders".
- Theme 3: Courage (Nilai Keberanian): "Upholding the courage and heroism in the fighting spirit of the individual and the troops".

The results of the poll (hence the name of the future class of frigates) should be revealled soon by the Royal Malaysian Navy.
Boustead Gowind LCS SGPV Malaysia 1Construction stage of the first Malaysian Gowind Frigate (as of November 2016). Picture via RMN LCS Project.
As we reported at the time, Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad (BHIC) and the RMN laid the keel of the first Gowind frigate in March last year. In early 2011, Malaysia launched the SGPV program with a budget of RM6 billion (US$1.9 billion) calling for six stealth frigates.

The vessels are being built by BHIC naval shipyard of Lumut (Perak). The shipyard has been refurbished with the advising of DCNS. The work included new ship lifts, 2 new block assembly halls, 3 new halls for panel assembly and 3 keel lines so that around 2020 the shipyard will be able to assemble 3 Gowind SGPV-LCS hulls at the same time.
Boustead Gowind LCS SGPV Malaysia 2Construction stage of the first Malaysian Gowind Frigate (as of November 2016). Picture via RMN LCS Project.
Based on the DCNS Gowind 2500 corvette design (also selected by the Egyptian Navy), the Royal Malaysian Navy future LCS will be slightly larger and thus classified as frigates (with a length of 111 meters and a displacement of 3,100 tons). First ship of the class is set to be floated out and lowered in the water via a platform in December of 2018.

Navy Recognition was the first to reveal that the class would be fitted with Kongsberg NSM anti-ship missiles.

The scale model of the vessel on display during LIMA 2015 showed the following information:
Length overall: 111.00 m
Length waterline: 105.00 m
Beam Main Deck (1st Deck): 16.00 m
Beam design waterline: 14.20 m
Depth 1st deck: 8.30 m
Design draught: 3.85 m
Propulsion: CODAD
Maximum Speed: 28 knots
Survivability: Sea State 9

Royal Malaysian Navy Gowind class Frigate / SGPV / LCS technical datasheet

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