ShieldAfrica 2021: Elistair showcases Orion 2 tethered drone

The French firm Elistair offers aerial solutions for surveillance and communications with its ORION 2 Tethered drone, which was exhibited by the firm at Shield Africa 2021, Abidjan.


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ORION 2 tethered drone (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The latest generation of Elistair’s tethered drone, ORION 2 is an automated, powerful, and highly portable tethered UAS designed for continuous aerial day and night surveillance over large areas. Continuously powered through its Kevlar-reinforced micro-tether, ORION 2 is capable of operating for 24 hours continuously at 100 meters (330 feet) height with 2 kg of payload and extended detection ranges up to 10 kilometers.

ORION 2 acts as a push-button tactical tower for both day and night applications and is especially suited for military operations, special forces, law enforcement, public safety entities, and private security.
The Orion 2 payloads combine state-of-the-art gimbal stabilization and crystal-clear imagery with low latencies thanks to the micro-tether high-speed and interference-free data transfer.

Equipped with leading industrial sensors, ORION 2’s surveillance cameras are the ultimate solution for persistent Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance.