SOFINS 2021: Inpixial showcases optronic solutions

Since 2008, Inpixial has been a supplier of on-board and real-time image processing solutions for the defense and security markets: design of video processing algorithms, compact low-consumption electronic cards, optronic systems for drones, robots or air, land or sea vehicles, mission software.

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ASIO155 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Optronic solutions

Inpixial presents a complete range of optronic platforms, from the DINA100 for light vectors up to the EDNA280, bi-spectral turret with cooled infrared camera with zoom, intended for maritime surveillance missions. This range is completed by the ASIO 155 and the EDNA 140, intermediate turrets are presented with the complete air-ground image chain including AIS reception and VHF relay functions.

Asio is a light, compact dual sensors micro-gimbal designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), robots, planes and ground vehicles.

The image stability at 30x optical zoom allows the operators to concentrate on the observation regardless the UAV movement. The embedded image processing provides a sharper image with a high contrast and a target detection and tracking several kilometers away.

Anti-drone fight

Inpixial offers several solutions in the field of anti-drone warfare. Inpixial has developed a platform intended to be installed on a multirotor type drone allowing automatic detection, location and tracking of target drones. Inpixial also has drone detection and tracking algorithms intended for optronic platforms monitoring sensitive sites.

DOSAH solution

DOSAH improves the video quality of helicopter cameras during infiltration phases. The system provides video processing for existing optical and thermal sensors and improves image quality. It allows the detection of individuals by integrating the detection of moving objects. It was recognized at the 2021 Audacity Award for its operational interest.