SOFINS 2021: Merio displays Temis multisensor gyrostabilized turrets

Merio is an equipment supplier for the various types of carriers: drones, gyros, planes, helicopters, aerostats, land vehicles, boats, etc. Specialized in the design of payloads, the company offers a range of high performance gyrostabilized turrets weighing less than 10 kg, as well as a full picture operator chain. During Sofins 2021, Merio displays Temis M25.

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Temis M25 gyrostabilised gimbal (Picture source: Army Recognition)

TEMIS M25 gyrostabilised gimbal represents advanced ratio weight/performances.

With its cooled IR camera, optical zoom (18 to 275mm) and integrated image processing, it offers exceptional day / night observation quality in its size. Combined with a new generation compact and powerful rangefinder, the TEMIS M25 represents the most successful model of the range with a range of over 10km.

Temis XL16Z multisensor stabilized gyro turret with continuous optical IR zoom

The TEMIS XL 16Z is distinguished by its optical zoom on the IR channel in a very compact volume. Unparalleled on the market, it incorporates sensors equipped with optical zoom, visible in full HD x30, LWIR VGA 15-75mm x5 optical and x4 digital, a rangefinder and an optional laser pointer to meet all needs.

Temis XL 3-axis stabilized gyro turret

The Temis XL is now available in a 3-axis stabilized gyro version. Identical to the classic Temis XL version for the sensors, it is also stabilized in "roll". This new version weighs less than 1kg.

Temis L20

Long range observation gimbal in compact volume with high performance day and IR channels designed for harsh environments.

TEMIS L20 integrates full HD day channel with optical zoom x30, IR channels selectable from VGA (640x480pixels) to XGA (1024x768 pixels) with dual FOV 33/99mm for long range, LRF 14km range and optional laser pointer for a weight slightly above 3kgs for aeronautical and ground applications.