SOFINS 2021: Seair displays Eflyco assault flying RIB

The French firm SEAir displays the Eflyco, a semi-rigid motorized boat equipped with retractable lifting foils during Sofins 2021. Established in Lorient (Morbihan), SEAir is a design office dedicated to the flight function of sailing and motorboats of today and the future.


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Eflyco assault flying RIB at Sofins 2021, Souge (Picture source: Army Recognition)

SEAir offers studies and production services aimed at enhancing the performance of boats by fitting them with foils or by improving the already existing systems.

SEAir is a specialist in retractable and servo-controlled hydrofoils for boats. These stabilization systems greatly cushion the shocks generated by the waves, ensuring less tiring transport for the personnel. The fuel savings (of the order of 20% at least) result in a greater radius of action or allow more cargo. The wake is significantly reduced, with a speed improvement of around 20%, increasing stealth.

SEAir received in 2018 the innovation prize from the French Special Forces for the integration of retractable foils on semi-rigid. Since then, SEAir has been working on an assault flying boat for the Special Forces.

The SEAir firm has already developed foils on sailboats and small commercial semi-rigid boats.

EFLYCO is a derivative of ETRACO. The very high stability of foiling boats makes this technology also ideal for surface drones. The foils allow to go faster, to consume less, to limit the wake, to reduce noise and to stablize the boat.

According to Defense Innovation Agency, the foils that will equip the EFlyCo will be made of carbon and steel, which will allow them to withstand a load of 5 tonnes and therefore a structural deformation of 4 cm at the ends. The foils can be oriented during navigation like a flap on an airplane wing.