UMEX 2020: VR Technologies showcases VRT 300 multipurpose UAV system

Russian company VR-Technologies showcases a mock-up of its VRT 300 multipurpose UAV system at UMEX 2020, Abu Dhabi.

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VRT 300 mock-up at UMEX 2020 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The VRT 300  is an unmanned helicopter, that was introduced on MAKS airshow in 2017. It was constructed for arctic ice patrols in support of safe maritime navigation. Another version of the VRT300, Opticvision, boasts an increased range of flight for monitoring and remote probing.

Due to a big payload of 70 kilograms the drone can transport various cargoes, such as food and medicines from a ship to the Polar station and back. The craft can also measure ice thickness along the navigation route, engage in search-and-rescue operations at sea and determine the size of major ice fields suitable for scientific Polar stations.

At UMEX 2020, it is presented as a multipurpose UAV system, wiith missions such as search and rescue, surveillance, cargo delivery, agricultural applications.

The VRT300 has a maximum speed of 180km/h and maximum range of 600 km.

VR Technologies is the innovation design office of Russian Helicopters. The company, created in 2014, is developing advanced helicopters such as the VRT500 and unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2019, Abu Dhabi’s Tawazun invested in the Russian Company VR Technologies. Tawazun was founded in 1992 to help develop a sustainable defense and security industry in the UAE. The company has helped create more than 90 companies and investment vehicles within 11 different sector.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
VR-Technologies' VRT300 drone being showcased at MAKS 2017 (Picture source: AirRecognition)