UMEX 2022: Chinese firm XBO Robotics showcases ARK UAV 40

At UMEX 2022, the Unmanned System Exhibition and Conference that was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the Chinese firm XBO Robotics showcases ARK UAV 40.
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ARK UAV 40 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

ARK UAV 40 is a drone with an octocopter configuration. It has a redundant navigation system, flight control system, propulsion system, and battery system, and is equipped with an emergency landing system.

Moreover, the design of the propeller is optimized in cruise flight conditions to achieve a longer range. Through the airborne visual positioning system, Model 40 can also complete an accurate landing.

Model 40 is designed for short-to-middle-range end delivery missions. Its payload volume is more than 60L, which makes it suitable for many cargo delivery scenarios.

The UAV has a maximum total takeoff weight of 42 kg and a maximum payload capacity of 10 kg. It has an endurance of 22 min and 18 km, a cruise speed of 14m/s.