UMEX 2022: Ukraine-made PD-2 UAS in flight demo

During UMEX 2022, held in Abu Dhabi from 21 to 23 February, the Ukrainian company Ukrspecsystems flew its PD-2 UAS in VTOL configuration during the flight demos.
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PD-2 in VTOL fixed-wing configuration (Picture source: Army Recognition)

With a wingspan of 5m and endurance of 8 hours, the PD-2 UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range and approved by militaries for militaries.The UAS has a cruising speed of 100 km/h and a 1100 km maximum operation range.

The system is packed with high-end technologies, AES 128/256 encryption, advanced payloads, and anti-jamming technologies. PD-2 UAS is well-suited for:

- Military use: PD-2 UAS easily handles ISR missions, artillery fire correction (spotting) and general support missions.

- Border control surveillance: A fleet of PD-2 UAVs allows for continuous surveillance over specific areas. Motion detection software allows to detect and track objects of interest to maximize effectiveness both from UAV and stationary CCTV. In case of water incident PD-2 UAV may deliver and drop the lifesaving kit, fixate coordinates of dropdown and share it to rescue team

- Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance & sight: PD-2 UAS is capable of carrying wide range of payloads, including EO/IR payload, SIGINT equipment or other equipment to support your operation.

and muliple other uses, such as power line inspections, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, and public safety applications.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Rapidly change airframe configuration on-the-go wherever you are within 15 minutes. No tools required.
You can change take-off and landing methods, wingspan, endurance, MTOW, payload weight (Picture source: Ukrspecsystems)

Features and technologies: 

- Low radar visibility: Due to fully composite airframe and absence of large metal parts, it is hard to detect and track the UAV with radars and anti–aircraft systems.

- Navigation lights: Designed for drone to be visually detectable despite of various weather conditions. If the mission requires may be turned off to keep stealthy.

- ADSB IN/OUT transponder: Implemented for UAV to be recognized and seen by various aircrafts. If the mission requires transponder may be turned off to keep stealthy.

- Automatic flight: Plan the mission beforehand and execute it perfectly, even if signal lost.

- Automatic take-off and landing: Simply place the UAV and give the command from the safe place. No human factor, fully automatic.

- Anti-jamming technology: Allows to operate UAV despite datalink or navigation system jamming or other attempts of interference.

- Laser rangefinder for automatic take-off and landing: Designed for precise process of landing and take-off.

- Capable of operating in harsh weather conditions: From -25C to +50С, despite of rain, fog, wind or mist.

- Charge batteries during flight: Onboard generator automatically recharges all the batteries of the UAV during the flight (both onboard and VTOL).

- Various advanced payloads: Versatility is the key. 500W onboard generator and considerable payload compartment gives the opportunity to choose:
ISTAR USG-series payloads were designed by our company (USG211 or USG-212 in particular) and comes as part of standard payloadwith aerial photogrammetry package: Full-HD EO/IR with 30x optical zoom, Scene lock, Target tracking, Digital video stabilization, Anti-fog feature, On-board recording, and storage

Optional payloads: 

· LiDAR : industry standard tool for collecting accurate and dense topographic data at very high speed. Commonly used to make high-resolution maps, with applications in surveying, geodesy forestry or laser guidance.

· IMSI catcher is a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking location data of mobile phone users. May be used to locate smugglers, trespassers or enemy troops.

· SAR is capable of high-resolution remote sensing, independent of flight altitude, and independent of weather, as SAR can select frequencies to avoid weather-caused signal attenuation. SAR has day and night imaging capability

· Radio repeater enables signal relay to ensure stable communication and support for field troops.


Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
PD-2 is also capable of cargo delivery (Picture source: Ukrspecsystems)