WDS 2022: Expal exhibits its latest innovations of ammunition and weapon

Expal presents its latest innovations across Air, Land and Sea. The company is showcasing its technological capabilities in ammunition and weapon systems.

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Expal presents its latest innovations across Air, Land and Sea. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Expal highlights dual EIMOS weapon System, in service in Spanish Navy. This 81mm Onboard Mortar System has been developed through an R&D Programme with the Spanish Ministry of Defence, following the most demanding requirements of the Navy (Marine Corps) and Army. The R&D Programme concluded at the beginning of 2021, with the first batch of Onboard Mortar Systems delivered last December 2021.

Dual EIMOS stands out for having been designed for Shoot & Scoot, providing mobility, automatic 360º aiming and firing without the need for additional stabilizers, the ability to overcome steep slopes and, as a unique feature, deep fording without preparation. It allows the Dual EIMOS to be used in high mobility terrestrial operations also through naval disembarking.

Dual EIMOS currently integrates TALOS, the fire control systems (FCS)and C2 developed by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, exploiting its huge interoperability capabilities. In exercises carried out in Spain, Dual EIMOS coordinated through TALOS fire actions with other weapons, command posts, manned forward observers and even RPAS, as unmanned forward observers. EXPAL’s onboard Mortar System is also ready to integrate other FCS or C2 systems.

Regarding ammunitions’ portfolio, EXPAL offers a broad range of rounds for naval and field artillery, mortars, air armament, medium calibers, fuzes, propelling charges, demolition stores, etc. Among all of them, EXPAL highlights the Field Artillery's high performances extended range family of 105 and 155 mm, comprised of projectiles for area denial and non-lethal effects for illumination and concealment, complying with the demanding NATO standards. Projectiles are equipped with electronic fuzes for several modes of functioning. Naval rounds are equipped also with proximity mode to form multi-option fuzes. feasible to use it in cannon assemblies with both inductive and conductive

In Air armament, EXPAL highlights the new high-performance 70mm Rocket CAT-70 AP, which is compatible with standard 70mm launchers and guidance kit systems.