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The 2022 China Military Power Report issued by the U.S. Department of Defense lays out the challenges facing the United States military as it works to manage relations with the emerging superpower. The report, released on November 29, calls the People's Republic of China "the most consequential and systemic challenge to our national security and to a free and open international system". Jim Garamone, of the U.S. DoD, reports.

Military Watch magazine has highly assessed the prospects for using the modernized T-62M tank, which was on display at the Army 2022 international military-technical forum. The magazine believes that Western sources are too pessimistic in assessing the causes and consequences of such modernization and supposes that the upgraded armored vehicle could take part in the war in Ukraine.

Uraltransmash (part of the Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) Group within the Rostec state hi-tech corporation) has delivered a batch of upgraded and overhauled Malka self-propelled artillery systems to the Russian Defense Ministry ahead of schedule, the UVZ press office said. According to Uraltransmash CEO Dmitry Semizorov, the systems’ maneuverability, mobility and controllability have increased as a result of the upgrade.

As the U.S. Army comes out of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and refocuses on the pacing challenge of China and the acute threat posed by Russia, Army leaders are directing the most significant reorganization and technical innovation since the end of the Cold War — ensuring the adversaries cannot outrange or outpace the U.S. on traditional battlefields, or the new frontiers of space and cyberspace. The U.S. Army publishes an explanation on its website on October 5, 2022.

MOSCOW, September 13. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Many of the tanks had unique characteristics but remained only “objects” that were not produced. Some experts called them exclusive designs in the global tank construction.

The United States responded swiftly and effectively in close cooperation with its NATO Allies to the European security crisis brought about by Russia's aggression against Ukraine. The U.S. contributions to the Alliance's response were enabled by the substantial forces that the country had already stationed in and deployed to Europe, including robust prepositioned equipment and stocks, as well as substantial investments in infrastructure and military mobility enabled by European Deterrence Initiative funding.

MOSCOW, June 2. /TASS-DEFENSE/. The Russian army will introduce Ukrainian tactical and fire experience into combat training in summer, head of the main combat training department of the armed forces Colonel General Ivan Buvaltsev told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization continues to change even as it defends the 30 nations of the alliance, Ambassador Julianne Smith, U.S. permanent representative to NATO, told the Defense Writers' Group on June 1, 2022. Smith spoke about the challenges from Russia due to that country's unprovoked war on Ukraine and the upcoming NATO Summit in Madrid. Jim Garamone, U.S. Department of Defense, reports

The German Federal Government will equip Ukraine with 50 anti-aircraft tanks of the Gepard type, von Bjorn Müler writes in Wir sind die Reserve. This was announced by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) at the meeting of the "Ukraine Security Consultative Group" at the US base in Ramstein. The Consultative Group is a platform created by the USA to coordinate arms assistance among the Western powers, primarily the NATO countries.

According to data published on April 25 by the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), the total global military expenditure increased by 0.7 percent in real terms in 2021, to reach $2113 billion. The five largest spenders in 2021 were the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom and Russia, together accounting for 62 percent of expenditure.

The cooperation on the SAMP/T air defense system is a good opportunity for faster normalization and even deepening of political relations between Turkey and Europe Haci Mehmet Boyraz and Selim Yesiltas write in Daily Sabah. While the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, there has been an important development that could facilitate a positive agenda in Turkey-Europe relations.

On March 21, the Council of the European Union formally approved the document “A Strategic Compass for Security and Defence: For a European Union that protects its citizens, values and interests and contributes to international peace and security”. The Strategic Compass sets out a plan to strengthen the EU’s security and defence policy by 2030 aiming to become a “more assertive and decisive security provider”. It assesses the EU’s strategic environment and entails policy objectives, means to achieve these and timelines to measure progress.

C. Todd Lopez reports on the U.S. Department of Defense's website that it has been nearly a month since Russia illegally invaded Ukraine, and Russian forces have been unable to achieve what Pentagon leaders believe to be their goals. "We're on day 26 the Russians have clearly not achieved many or almost all of the objectives that ... we believe they were setting out to achieve," said Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby during a briefing today. "They wanted to get after population centers so that they could take control of key ports, key cities, key government institutions. And supplant the government of Ukraine with one more friendly to Russia and then, basically, over time, erase the sovereignty of Ukraine."

As reported by Jim Garamone on NATO’s website, Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine has changed the security environment, and the North Atlantic Alliance will change, too, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the conclusion of a meeting of alliance defense ministers in Brussels on March 16. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III attended the meeting for the United States.

According to Helen Wright in, an understanding that NATO's eastern flank needs to be strengthened is gaining support among NATO allies, the Estonian Ministry of Defense has said. Estonia's ambassador to NATO believes permanent air defenses are required. Further decisions about the defense of the eastern flank will be taken at the alliance's Madrid summit this summer.

The Kremlin on Friday, March 11, said it is in favor of the deployment of Syrian fighters in Ukraine, a response, according to Moscow, to the delivery in support of Kyiv of "mercenaries" in the pay of the West. At a meeting of Russia’s security council, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said there are 16,000 volunteers in the Middle East who are ready to fight alongside Russian-backed forces in the breakaway Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.