Arms and Security 2017: Upgraded BTR-60T APC gets new BM-23-2 weapon station

Engineers of  Techimpex are doing their best to ensure high quality of work and required service life for military equipment. One of the main activities of the Ukrainian company is upgrade and repair of armored vehicles, and for example offers repair and upgrade of BTR-60 to BTR-60T level, which now includes a new BM-23-2 weapon station.

Arms and Security 2017 Upgraded BTR 60T APC gets new BM 2 2 weapon station 001
The new BTR-60T showcased by Techimpew at Arms and Security 2017

In order to provide aged BTR-60 armored personnal carriers with better dynamic properties, maintainability and safety, Techimpex replaced the Soviet-era GАZ-49Б Petrol 6 cylinders engine by a new Diesel V-Type 8 cylinders engine featuring an increased power output of 280 hp (2x140). The BTR-60T maximum speed now reaches 130 km/h for a fuel consumption of 45l/100, so 15 liters less than in the oldest variant. It has now a cruising range of up to 650 km.

An amphibious vehicle, the BTR-60T has a maximum speed of 10 km/h on water. The vehicle features a gross weight of 10,3 t. It can accomodate up to seven equipped soldiers besides the three members strong crew. 

Techimpex also deeply worked on improving engines cooling systems. The BTR-60T upgrade also includes installation of servodrives and of an extra hatch on the left side. 

Arms and Security 2017 Upgraded BTR 60T APC gets new BM 2 2 weapon station 002
Techimpex intregrated the BM-23-2 weapon station in the BTR-60T APC

 The new BTR-60T armament features a BM-23-2 weapon station, for an extra weight of 900 kg without ammunition. This manned turret is equipped with two 23 mm 2A7M automatic cannons with 400 rounds. The secondary armament consists of one 7,62 mm PKT machine gun with 2000 rounds. 

Self-protection of the vehicle is provided by the 902B "Khmara" smoke grenade launcher system (6 grenades). The BM-23-2 turret features a 1PZ-7-23 sight or, optionally, a NKVT-71 sighting system. Auxiliary systems include cooling system for autocannon barrels, liquid coolant and forced circulation.