Practika of Ukraine unveils Otoman 8x8 armoured at Arms and Security 2017

The Ukrainian armoured vehicle manufacturer Practika unveils its Otoman armoured vehicle in 8x8 configuration at Arms and Security2017, defense exhibition in Kiev Ukraine. The Otoman is based on the wheeled chassis of the Soviet-made BTR-60.

Otoman 8x8 armoured vehicle with BM 3 Storm turret Ukraine Arms and Security 2017 925 001
Practika Otoman 8x8 armoured vehicle with BM-3 Storm (Shturm) remote weapon system at Arms and Security 2017, defense exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine (October 2017)

The Otoman 8x8 armoured vehicle is fully designed by the Ukrainian Company Practika to offer a new generation of 8x8 armoured personnel carrier (APC) with more protection and fire power.

The Otoman has a new design compared to the old BTR-60, with powerpack mounted at the front of the vehicle, driver at the front left, turret in the middle and troops compartment at the rear. The new hull of the Otaman is made of modern armor steel that offers more protection than the original body of the BTR-60. It has a ballistic protection STANAG 4569 Level 2 against firing of small arms 7.62mm at 30 meters and mine protection 6 kg of TNT explosion under each wheels.

The Otoman is motorized with a Deutz Diesel engine developing 320 hp. coupled to an Alisson automatic transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse speed. The vehicle can accommodate a total of 14 military personnel including driver, commander and gunner.

At Arms and Security 2017, the Otoman 8x8 was fitted with a BM-3 Storm (Shturm) remote weapon system. The turret is armed with one 30mm ZTM-1 (2A72) cannon with 400 rounds. Seco nd armament includes one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and one 30mm AG-17 automatic grenade launcher. There is two launchers for anti-tank guided missile mounted to the right side of the turret.

The Otoman is fully amphibious and propelled in the water thanks two hydrojets mounted at the rear of the chassis.

Otoman 8x8 armoured vehicle with BM 3 Storm turret Ukraine Arms and Security 2017 925 002