BIDEC 2017: Cambli Group unveils its Black Wolf 4x4 tactical vehicle

At BIDEC 2017, the first defence exhibition organized in Bahrein (16-18 October), Cambli unveils its Black Wolf armoured tactical vehicle.Cambli Group is a family-owned business that has been involved in the design and manufacturing of armored trucks for more than 50 years. Cambli is the manufacturer of the Thunder 2 tactical truck.

BIDEC 2017 Cambli Group unveils its Black Wolf 4x4 tactical vehicle 925 001
The Black Wolf scale model showcased at BIDEC 2017 (Credit : Army Recognition)

The Black Wolf is the latest platform developped by Cambli Group. Cambli developped this new vehicle, taking into account the remarks and feeback of customers. The Black Wolf is a light and fast multimission armoured vehicle. It can be used for many types of missions: Intervention vehicle, SWAT, Special Forces, Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC),... This vehicle has already been sold to undisclosed customer and is currently on production.

Cambli wanted to design a light and compact vehicle. Sometimes armoured vehicle manufacturers encounter some issues due to the weight of their vehicles : braking and suspension problem, overloaded front axles,... It is the reason why Cambly focused on keeping the vehicle as light as possible. They used a lightweight high level ballistic steel to armour the vehicle. Unlike the Thunder 2 which is only offered in B7 and B7+, the BlackWolf can be armoured to level B6 or B7 or B7+.

The Black Wolf is based on the new Ford F-550 chassis. The Canadian company chose this chassis for its capacities and its robustness and because the front axle of the 2017 F-550 can support a weight of 3,400 kg (7,500 lbs). Choosing an OEM chassis also reduces the maintenance costs of the vehicle.

BIDEC 2017 Cambli Group unveils its Black Wolf 4x4 tactical vehicle 925 002
The Black Wolf (right) is much more compact and lighter than the Thunder 2 (left)