Leonardo presents its M60A3 upgrade and overhaul programme at BIDEC 2017

Leonardo is presenting its M60 tank overhaul and upgrade programme, which offers a complete modernisation of the platform at a cost-effective price. The unveiling is taking place at the first edition of the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC), which will be held on 16-18 October 2017 at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Leonardo presents its M60A3 upgrade and overhaul programme at BIDEC 2017 925 001
The upgraded M60A3 on the Leonardo's stand at BIDEC 2017

The upgraded M60A3 will see significant improvements in crew survivability, mobility and lethality via a modular package, which integrates a new main gun with a new Fire Control System (FCS), modern protection systems and an enhanced power system. The Leonardo solution retains existing maintenance and logistics assets and requires minimal additional training for support. Leonardo fully owns and controls the core technologies involved, such as the FCS, the InfraRed cameras, the 120mm smooth-bore main gun and the technology which improves turret performance.

The Leonardo’s modular solution integrates a 120/45 mm low-recoil force main gun, the same as on the Centauro II armoured vehicle, with a latest-generation fire control system (FCS) and protection systems. Leonardo’s solution, which retains current maintenance and logistics assets, requires additional staff training only for the new equipment. The technologies used for the M60’s modernisation (FCS, infrared vision and 120mm main gun) are entirely designed and manufactured by Leonardo, as are the systems for improving turret performance.

Leonardo presents its M60A3 upgrade and overhaul programme at BIDEC 2017 925 002The upper view of the turret of the M60  which includes a new Hitrole remote control weapon system

Manufactured with the latest-generation steel, the 120/45 mm gun is characterised by the use of new technologies and reduced weight, all of which contribute in providing excellent field performance.

The low recoil force gun limits the structural stress on the hull and, therefore, eliminates integration risks with heritage platforms. The fire control system, which integrates day and night optronics, together with a high level of ballistic protection and modern on-board equipment, increases the probability of detecting potential threats, and neutralising them during full day and night operations. Furthermore, the solution integrates a new Hitrole remote control weapon system, which enables 360° panoramic surveillance from a secure position inside the tank.

Leonardo’s proposal also includes an upgrade of the power pack, with an up-power capability that guarantees a higher power-to-weight ratio.

The increase of armour protection, and the installation of an Automatic Fire and Explosion Sensing and Suppressing system (AFSS) improves soldier survivability.

Leonardo’s solution, thanks also to the general overhaul of the main on-board subsystems, enhances the platform’s capabilities and extends its operational life with significant economic benefits for the fleet operators.

Leonardo presents its M60A3 upgrade and overhaul programme at BIDEC 2017 925 003The rear view of the M60 showcased at BIDEC 2017