Russian company VPK introduces its BTR-82V armored personnel carrier

Russia`s Military Industrial Company (VPK) has developed the BTR-82V armored personnel carrier (APC), a representative of the company said.

VPK introduces BTR 82V armored personnel carrier 925 001
The BTR-82V weighs about 15,000 kg and a combat crew of 10 servicemen. It has the same armament suite than its predecessor a KPVT 14.5 mm heavy machinegun, a PKTM 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun and six 902V Tucha smoke dischargers (Credit VPK)

"The BTR-82V APC has been developed in accordance with terms of reference issued by Russia`s National Guard [Rosgvardiya]. The protection of the vehicle has been improved compared to the BTR-80: the new APC has received additional spall liner, blast-absorbing lower hull and anti-blast pads," he said.

The BTR-82V has retained the armament suite of its predecessor. "The APC is armed with a KPVT 14.5 mm heavy machinegun, a PKTM 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun and six 902V Tucha smoke dischargers. The weapons are integrated into a manned turret," the representative of VPK added.

The BTR-82V is powered by new diesel engine with a power output of 300 hp. The carrier has also received a reinforced suspension and new components of transmission. "The APC is fitted with the R-168-25U-2 digital radio, an up-to-date navigation system, the commander`s TKN-3MK combined [day/night] sight and the driver`s TVN-5 night vision device. The BTR-82V`s effectiveness ratio has been dramatically increased compared to the BTR-80," the official concluded.

The BTR-82V has a laden weight of 15,000 kg and a combat crew of 10 servicemen. The new KAMAZ 740.14-300 turbocharged diesel engine coupled to a mechanical transmission produces a road speed of up to 100 km /h and a maximum swimming speed of up to 10 km/h. The upper hull of the BTR-82V has retained firing ports. The APC has a cruising range of 600 km. Its ammunition load comprises 500 14.5 mm rounds and 2,000 7.62 mm cartridges. The TKN-3MK night sight fitted with a 2+-generation image intensifier allows the commander of the vehicle to recognize a target at a distance of 400-500 m. The BTR-82V is also equipped with a collective nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system.

Despite the fact that the BTR-82V has been developed at the request of Rosgvardiya, the vehicle can be used by military units. Russia`s armed forces are intensively replacing the BTR-80 vehicles by the BTR-82A APC armed with a 2A72 30 mm automatic cannon. VPK previously offered the BTR-82 carrier with a KPVT heavy machinegun; however, the company has concentrated on the manufacturing of BTR-82As.

In fact, the BTR-82V is a BTR-80, which has its hull upgraded to the BTR-82A level. The new carrier features good cost-effectiveness ratio as it can fire a wide range of Russian- and foreign-originated 14.5 mm munitions.

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