Army-2023: Russian armored vehicle Tiger-M receives set of quick-mounting armor

In the course of the war in Ukraine, reports, a number of issues came to the surface, including those related to Russian weapons. Many of the wishes of the Russian military personnel have already been implemented in practice. At the same time, the modernization of weapons, based on the realities of the current conflict, continues.
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An additional armor kit is available for the GAZ-233114 Tigr-M (Picture source:

Hence, an additional set of quick-mounting armor has been designed for the Tiger-M which has already passed real tests in Ukraine and is being demonstrated at the Army-2023 forum, TASS writes. The essence of the development lies in the possibility of installing additional armored panels on the vehicle that cover the windshield, wheel arches, radiator grille and front doors. As a result, as stated in the material with reference to the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the vehicle becomes resistant to 7.62 mm bullets. The manufacturer claims that the installation of these additional armor plates in the field will take no more than 40 minutes. Such promptness is essential in a high-intensity conflict.

The Tigr-M, or GAZ-233114, is an improved version of the standard 4x4 light tactical vehicle Tigr GAZ-2330. The vehicle is produced by the Russian Defense Company Arzamas Machinery-Plant, a Military Industrial company subsidiary. The vehicle was developed by the Military Industrial Company in line with the specifications of the Russian Defense Ministry to expand the operational envelope of the Tigr special vehicle.

Able to carry up to 10 fully equipped infantrymen, the Tiger-M has a combat weight of 5,300 kg and offers a payload capacity of 1,500 kg. The vehicle is designed to be used as an armored personnel carrier and cargo vehicle. The Tigr-M's design has incorporated numerous improvements aimed at enhancing its operating characteristics, reliability, ergonomics and bullet and mine resistance. The Tigr-M GAZ-233114 4x4 multipurpose armored vehicle entered into service with the Russian army during the first half of 2013. All tests on the vehicle were achieved by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and at the request of the Russian army, the manufacturer improved its ability to have more protection against land mines. The Tigr-M is also in service in Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, and Uruguay.

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