Colombian Armed Forces adopt new Hunter TR-12-23 MRAP vehicles

According to an article by InfoDefensa on August 28, 2023, the Colombian Armed Forces have initiated the process of introducing a new armored vehicle into their fleet, designed to provide mine resistance, known as the Armor International Hunter TR-12-23 MRAP.
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Hunter TR-12-23 MRAP vehicle adopted by the Colombian Armed Forces (Picture source: Erich Saumeth Cadavid/Twitter)

The new TR-12-23 vehicles are intended to be utilized by special forces units within the Army, Marine Infantry, Air Force, and National Police. These units will deploy the vehicles for a range of operational missions across the national territory, in accordance with specific requirements outlined by the Ministry of Defense.

The design of the TR-12-23 has been influenced by insights gained from the tactical utilization of similar vehicles by the Colombian Army and Police. The new model is built on a 4x4 chassis from the International CV series. Notable adjustments have been applied to the front and defense aspects of the vehicle, with the aim of optimizing entry and exit angles. The vehicle incorporates multiple tactical lights, revamped headlights, stoplights, and station lights.

Moreover, the interior of the TR-12-23 features a reimagined ergonomic seating arrangement, affording more space for occupants. Safety features have been enhanced through the integration of an automated fire suppression system, complemented by dual extinguishers. The vehicle's functionality has been improved further through redesigned electric locks, mirrors, and protective glass meshes. The interior flooring has been upgraded to enhance traction, ease of maintenance, and cleaning, all executed in tactical color schemes. An adjustable step has been introduced to facilitate the use of the weapon station.

Furthermore, the vehicle's locks and rear door mechanism have been updated, omitting the conventional spare tire. Structural improvements have been introduced through the integration of folded steel into the lower sections of the vehicle's armor.

Additional refinements include supplementary external equipment attachments, four panoramic thermal cameras, an updated control console and software interface, suspension adjustments, new external grip support structures, an upgraded internal insulation system featuring thermal and acoustic foam, broader and elongated steps, additional external rings (eight in total), refreshed rims and run-flat tires, and a modernized power steering system. The revised design increases the vehicle's length by 50 centimeters and introduces a marginal weight increase. The heightened ground clearance enables the vehicle's transportation by C-130H Hercules aircraft.

Moreover, provision has been made for a weapon station, either manual or automated, allowing for the use of machine guns such as the Browning M2HQC QCB 12.7x99 mm, FN Herstal M249 5.56x45 mm, General Dynamics M60E4 7.62x51 mm, or a General Dynamics MK19 40 mm grenade launcher.

The vehicles are equipped with eight side windows and two on the rear door, six doors (four on the sides and a double rear door for personnel access), with the number of side-firing ports reduced from four to three based on specific customer requirements.

Currently, the Colombian Army operates six Hunter TR-12 vehicles of the previous variant  – the first two acquired in 2012 and the remaining four in 2018, three of which are in the transport version and one in the C4i version. The Police also operates two vehicles through the GOES unit since 2015.