Czech-supplied Kub-M2 air defense missile systems enter service in Ukrainian army

As per information from, the Czech Republic has officially introduced the Russian-made medium-range anti-aircraft system Kub-M2 into the operational service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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Czech-supplied Kub-M2 air defense system in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in August 2023 (Picture source: via

In May 2023, Army Recognition reported that President Petr Pavel of the Czech Republic declared his intention to transfer Soviet-era air defense systems from the country's own armed forces to Ukraine. This commitment involved the transfer of two batteries of 2K12M2 Kub-M2 air defense systems, each consisting of a target detection and guidance radar along with four launchers. It remains uncertain whether the Czech Republic has handed over both complete batteries or only a portion of the pledged equipment, as depicted in the photo.

Interestingly, a missile launcher from this system has already been observed in use by the Ukrainian military. On August 4, the press service of the Operational Command "East" released an image featuring a soldier positioned beside a 2P25 launcher.

Additionally, Slovakia has also contributed to this supply of anti-aircraft systems, a contribution that was officially sanctioned in March 2023.

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This Kub-M2 air defense missile launcher was handed over by the Czech Republic to the armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Picture source: via

Kub-M2, a derivative of the 2K12 Kub, is a Soviet-era medium-range anti-aircraft missile system conceived by the OKB-15 design bureau. Production took place in the Soviet Union between 1967 and 1983.

The configuration encompasses a self-propelled reconnaissance and guidance module, a central control center, and four self-propelled launchers. Each launcher accommodates three 3M9 anti-aircraft guided missiles. The Kub-M2 exhibits the capacity to detect airborne targets at distances of up to 65 km, engage them within ranges spanning 4.5 to 23.5 km, and at altitudes of up to 14,000 meters.

The primary targets within the Kub air defense system's purview encompass aircraft and cruise missiles traveling at speeds of up to 600 m/s. In contemporary contexts, the system's tactical and technical attributes are designed to counteract Russian subsonic cruise missiles like the Kh-101 and Kalibr, in addition to leisurely-moving kamikaze drones.

The Czech systems can be readily integrated into the Ukrainian air defense network, potentially even interfacing with the more advanced "Buk" anti-aircraft missile complex.

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A battery of the Czech air defense system 2K12 Kub in 2018 (Picture source: Czech Army)

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