Estonia Expands its Support to Ukraine with New Delivery of Handguns and Ammunition

On 10 August 2023, the Estonian government once again reaffirmed its commitment to assist Ukraine in its ongoing struggle against relentless Russian aggression. During a recent cabinet meeting, the government unanimously supported the proposal presented by the Minister of Defense, Hanno Pevkur, marking a significant step in the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.
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Flag of Estonia and Flage of Ukraine (Picture source: Estonian MoD )

"We must stand with Ukraine in these difficult times. Estonia recognizes its responsibility in this global effort to counter aggression, and we are determined to play our role," stated Minister Pevkur during the meeting.

Estonia's unwavering support for Ukraine is demonstrated not only through words but also through substantial actions. The country has previously provided military aid to Ukraine worth over 400 million euros, an impressive contribution representing more than 1% of Estonia's GDP.

The assistance provided by Estonia to Ukraine is extensive and diverse, reflecting the solidarity between the two nations. Since March 2022, Estonia has delivered nine towed artillery pieces, the D-30 122 mm, with a promise of twelve more to come. Additionally, twelve FH-70 155 mm howitzers have also been delivered, with plans to provide twelve more.

Estonia has also supplied a complete set of vehicles, with 13 delivered before April 2022, including Alvis 4 protected mobility vehicles, which were deployed in May 2022, thus enhancing the mobility of Ukrainian troops. Furthermore, patrol boats are yet to be delivered, adding a new dimension to Ukraine's maritime capability.

Support in intelligence and reconnaissance is also not overlooked. Estonia provided seven unmanned drones in February 2023, offering crucial advantages for monitoring enemy movements. Moreover, anti-tank weapons have been delivered, including hundreds of M2 Carl-Gustaf anti-tank systems with ammunition, as well as 100 FGM-148 Javelin missiles in February 2022.

Resources in small arms have also been significantly increased. Before April 2022, Estonia provided 35,000 automatic rifles, bolstering Ukraine's capacity to defend itself on the field. Additionally, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, along with a variety of pistols and rifles, have been delivered, with plans for the delivery of grenade launchers and sniper rifles in the future.

Estonia's assistance extends beyond military equipment. The country has also provided a multitude of essential resources, including winter uniforms, protective equipment, food rations, medical supplies, generators, chargers, field hospitals, and much more. This assistance reflects Estonia's determination to support Ukraine on all levels.

Estonia's ongoing support for Ukraine serves as a model of international cooperation and solidarity. The Estonian government's decision to provide handguns and ammunition further strengthens the strategic alliance between the two nations. Estonia's actions demonstrate that even small nations can have a significant impact.