EDEX 2023: Day 1 at Egypt Defence Expo Cairo

As EDEX 2023 kicks off, the Army Recognition Group is on-site, delivering extensive and detailed coverage of the event's first day, focusing on the wide range of exhibits and breakthroughs in defense technology and military equipment showcased at the exhibition.
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At EDEX, National and International Defenses Companies present their latest innovations and technologies for military forces.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

Among the highlights is the Engineering Industrial Complex presenting their Temsah family of armored vehicles, including the Temsah 5, Temsah 1, and Temsah 2, as well as showcasing a Rheinmetall chassis for a planned future project with Egypt.

Additionally, the Arab Organization for Industrialization is exhibiting their counter UAV systems, namely the Haris-1, Haris-2, and Haris-3. These systems are designed to address the increasing need for effective countermeasures against unmanned aerial vehicles in defense scenarios.

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