EDEX 2023: Introduction of new Egyptian surveillance radar EMBR-16A

During the EDEX 2023 exhibition, a breakthrough in Egyptian radar technology was unveiled by the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production. This innovation, known as the Egyptian Metric-Band Surveillance Radar (EMBR-16A), marks a significant step in the country's surveillance capabilities.
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The Egyptian Metric-Band Surveillance Radar (EMBR-16A). (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This event, which brought together major players from the global defense industry, was the stage for the presentation of the Egyptian innovation, the Egyptian Metric-Band Surveillance Radar (EMBR-16A). This technological advancement represents an important milestone in enhancing Egypt's surveillance and defense capabilities, highlighting the country's expertise and commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies in the defense sector.

The EMBR-16A, with its maximum range of 350 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 20 kilometers, demonstrates Egypt's commitment to improving its defense and surveillance systems. The radar's ability to detect objects with a minimum radar cross-section (RCE) of 2.5 square meters makes it a formidable tool for tracking even small objects at significant distances.

One of the key features of the EMBR-16A is its precision in both range and azimuth measurements. It boasts a range resolution of 1.2 kilometers and an azimuth resolution of 6°. This precision is further underscored by its range accuracy of ±180 meters and an azimuth accuracy of ±0.5°, allowing for precise object localization.

The technical specifications of the radar, such as a vertical beam width of 30° and a horizontal beam width of 6°, further enhance its surveillance capabilities. Moreover, the EMBR-16A maintains a receiver noise figure of ≤2.5 dB and a sidelobe level of ≤25 dB, ensuring the radar operates efficiently with minimal noise interference.

The introduction of the EMBR-16A at EDEX 2023 is a clear indication of the nation's determination to maintain an advanced defense infrastructure. To comprehensively cover this major event and other innovations showcased at the exhibition, the Army Recognition teams will be on site. They will provide detailed reports and in-depth analyses of the various exhibits and presentations.