Iran unveils and develops new AI-powered UGVs

According to Seth J. Frantzman in The Jerusalem Post on February 3, Iran showcased a legion of miniature tank robots, remote-controlled 4x4 and 6x6 UGVs fitted with various weapons.
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An Iranian Nazir ‘’twin’’ UGV, as seen at a ceremony in April 2019 (Picture source: Wikimedia Commons)

Iran is mainly reputed for its supply of small and medium-sized drones to Russia for its war in Ukraine. But this country is also showing its know-how in ground robots, fitted with various weapons or not. This field of activity is not new, though: it has been in development for years, but now the regime is claiming to have added “artificial intelligence” and new technology into some of its robots, Seth J. Frantzman reports.

Some new UGVs are armed with an AK-47 remotely operated and may include limited artificial intelligence applications. No more detail is available.