Hanwha Defense from South Korea ready to send its AS-21 Redback IFV in Australia for trials

The South Korean defense company Hanwha Defense is ready to send its AS-21 Redback tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) in Australia to conduct local testing and evaluation. The Redback was selected last September as one of the final two candidates for Australia's 5 trillion won armored vehicle project.
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The new AS-21 Redback tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle IFV developed and designed by the South Korean company Hanwha Defense. (Picture source YTN South Korean website)

In September 2019, Australia has announced that two companies were shortlisted for the Australian Land 400 Phase 3 that consists of the acquisition of 450 tracked IFVs to replace the M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). German company Rheinmetall offers its KF41 Lynx while South Korean company Hanwha Defense proposes its AS-21 Redback.

The AS21 Redback development is based on the K21 tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) which is in service with the South Korean Army. It has a larger internal volume to accommodate 8 dismounted troops and a crew of three soldiers (driver, commander and gunner). According to our first analysis, the general layout of the Korean AS 21 Redback seems very similar to the German-made KF41 that was unveiled during the International Defense Exhibition Eurosatory in June 2018.

Like the original K21 IFV, the AS21 Redback is armed with one 40mm automatic cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7mm machine gun mounted on the top of the turret. The back side of the roof turret is fitted with launchers for anti-tank guided missile.

A Hanwha Defense Systems spokesman said, “With such heritage, Hanwha Defense Systems is able to customize its armored solutions to a variety of specifications in order to meet future warfare requirements of any country.”

The vehicle will be fitted with a new generation of APS (Active Protection System) designed to prevent line-of-sight guided anti-tank missiles/projectiles from acquiring and/or destroying a target.

Hanwha Defense from South Korea ready to send its AS 21 Redback IFV in Australia for trials 925 002
Rheinmetall KF41 tracked armored IFV (Picture source Army Recognition)