IDEF 2023: ROKETSAN and STM from Türkiye Unveil ALPAGUT Smart Loitering Munition

ISTANBUL, Türkiye, July 28, 2023  - The International Defense Exhibition (IDEF) 2023 was the stage for two major Turkish defense industry companies, ROKETSAN and STM, to unveil their locally developed smart loitering munition system, ALPAGUT. This innovative product demonstrates Turkey's impressive strides in the realm of national engineering and military technology.
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Turkish company STM displays for the first time its new ALPAGUT smart loitering munition during IDEF 2023, a defense exhibition in Istanbul, Türkiye. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Designed to counter a variety of targets ranging from radar and communication systems to critical facilities such as command centers, and even targets of opportunity on both land and sea, ALPAGUT marks a significant milestone for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and security forces. The collaboration between ROKETSAN and STM has also produced a product that will be available for the export military market, signifying Turkey's expanding influence in the sector.

The ALPAGUT system capitalizes on STM's extensive experience in the field of smart munitions, taking it to a new level of efficacy. Able to operate both day and night, the system boasts versatility against mobile or stationary targets, making it a formidable tool in both defensive and offensive operations.

With an operational radius of 60 kilometers, an endurance of over 60 minutes, and equipped with various types of warheads, the ALPAGUT system can be employed individually or in swarm configurations. Following the launch, the system enters a detection, tracking, and evaluation mode before hovering and initiating an attack dive to autonomously destroy the identified target, pending user approval.

Equipped with a two-mode seeker, ALPAGUT can detect and identify targets without being detected itself and is resistant to jamming systems. A precision guidance-control propulsion system ensures precise targeting. The fire-and-forget feature, combined with its rapid integration capabilities with manned and unmanned land, air, and sea vehicles, establishes the ALPAGUT system as a game changer on the battlefield. Its ability to swiftly integrate with domestically-manufactured Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) systems allows for quick engagement with mobile air defense systems, strategic ground elements, and asymmetric targets.

Technical specifications of the ALPAGUT include an operating range of over 60 kilometers, an endurance of over 60 minutes, a variety of warhead options, cruising and dive speeds of 35 m/sec - 100 m/sec, and operating temperature ranges between -35 and +55℃. Its compact dimensions and light weight, combined with advanced technical features, make the ALPAGUT a significant addition to modern warfare equipment.

This development demonstrates Turkey's continued commitment to expanding its national defense industry and its capacity to offer advanced solutions to both its own armed forces and international markets.

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