Germany increasing its military support for Ukraine with drones and wide range of weapon systems

Germany provides support for Ukraine by supplying equipment and weapons that come from supplies of the Federal Arms Forces and from deliveries from industry financed by the Federal Government’s funds for security capacity building. Among the weapon systems are 54 more Vector reconnaissance drones.
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The latest military assistance package from Germany to Ukraine includes 54 more Vector surveillance drones (Picture source: Quantum Systems)

The list detailed hereunder provides an overview of military assistance provided by the Federal Republic of Germany to Ukraine. It includes deliveries from the Federal Armed Forces, from industry and assistance measures together with partners, which have, inter alia, been financed from Federal Government funds for security capacity building.

Funding for the security capacity building initiative amounts to 5.4 billion Euros for 2023 (after 2 billion Euros for 2022) and additional authorizations to enter commitments in the following years amount to 10.5 billion Euros. These funds are to be used primarily for military assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, they will be used for re-filling Federal Armed Forces stocks for items delivered to Ukraine as well as for Germany’s contributions to the European Peace Facility (EPF), from which costs incurred from providing military assistance to Ukraine can be reimbursed to EU member states.

Delivered military support to Ukraine:

Armored fighting vehicles

ammunition for LEOPARD 1*
18 Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks with ammunition (German share in joint project with further Leopard 2 operators)
40 infantry fighting vehicles Marder 1A3 with ammunition (from Bundeswehr and industry stocks*)
50 Dingo 2 MRAP vehicles
54 M113 armored personnel carriers each with 2 MG* (systems of Denmark, upgrades financed by Germany)
118 MG3 machine guns for Leopard 2 tanks, Marder IFV and Dachs armored engineer vehicles (Leopard 1 tank chassis)
Spare parts for Leopard 2 and Marder

Air defense

1 air surveillance radar TRML-4D*
2 air defense system Iris-T SLM*
Iris-T SLM missiles*
PATRIOT air defense system with missiles
34 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns with circa 6.000 rounds of ammunition*
53,000 rounds for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
4,000 rounds of practice ammunition for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
500 Stinger Man-Portable Air Defense Systems
2,700 Strela Man-Portable Air Defense Systems


5 multiple rocket launchers MARS II with ammunition (German share in a joint project with USA and Great Britain)
Ammunition for multiple rocket launchers MARS II
14 self-propelled howitzers Panzerhaubitze 2000 (German share in a joint project with the Netherlands)
23,500 projectiles of 155mm caliber
155mm precision-guided ammunition*
20 rocket launchers 70mm on pick-up trucks with rockets*
Counter-battery radar system COBRA*

Military engineering capabilities

8 bridge-laying tanks Beaver*
11 mobile and protected mine-clearing systems*
15 armored recovery vehicles Bergepanzer 2*
4 armored engineer vehicles Dachs*
2 armored recovery vehicles Bergepanzer 3
2 mine clearing tanks WISENT 1*
3 mobile, remote controlled and protected mine clearing systems*
17 heavy and medium bridge systems*
6 palettes of material for explosive ordnance disposal

Protective and Special Equipment

54 Vector reconnaissance drones *
40 frequency range extensions for anti-drone devices*
130 border protection vehicles*
1 communications electronic scanner/jammer systems*
32 reconnaissance drones*
42 mobile antenna mast systems*
90 drone detection systems*
40 laser target designators*
55 anti-drone sensors and jammers*
10 unmanned surface vessels*
10 anti-drone guns*
28,000 combat helmets
125 binoculars
600 safety glasses
1 radio frequency system
3,000 field telephones with 5.000 cable reels and carrying straps
353 night vision goggles*
12 electronic anti-drone devices*
165 field glasses*
38 laser range finders*
6 mobile decontamination vehicles HEP 70 including decontamination material
10 HMMWV (Humvees) (8x ground radar capability, 2x jamming/anti-drone capability)*
7 radio jammers*
8 mobile ground surveillance radars and thermal imaging cameras*
1 high frequency unit with equipment*


19 truck tractor trains 8x8 HX81 and 14 semi-trailers* (before: 17)
14 tracked, remote-controlled THeMIS UGVs* (before: 7)
4 load-handling trucks 8x6 with 20 roll-off containers*
288 vehicles (trucks, minibusses, all-terrain vehicles)
179 pick-up trucks*
92 Mercedes Zetros trucks*
12 Oshkosh Defense M1070 tank transporter tractors*
26 load-handling trucks 15t*
12 heavy-duty trailer trucks and 4 semi-trailers*
35 load-handling 8x8 trucks
30 protected vehicles*
10 roll-off containers

Combat readiness and survivability

83,520 rounds ammunition 40mm*
160,000 first aid kits*
103.000 tourniquets
500 SFP9 pistols *
2 hangar tents*
8 lift trucks*
295 generators
10 winter camouflage nets
168 mobile heating systems*
36 ambulances*
36.400 wool blankets
14,000 sleeping bags
Mi-24 helicopter spare parts*
Spare parts for M2 heavy machine gun
200 tents
116.000 winter jackets
80.000 winter trousers
240.000 winter hats
405,000 pre-packaged military Meals Ready
67 fridges for medical material*
3,000 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapons with 900 firing devices
14,900 anti-tank mines (9,300* from industry stocks)
22 million rounds of ammunition for firearms
50 Bunkerfaust with 15 firing devices
100 MG3 machine guns with 500 spare barrels and breechblocks
100,000 hand grenades
5,300 explosive charges
100,000 m detonating cords and 100.000 detonators
350,000 detonators
100 auto-injector devices
15 palettes of military clothing
1,200 hospital beds
18 palettes of medical material, 60 surgical lights
Protective clothing, surgical masks
1 field hospital (project jointly financed with Estonia)*
Medical material (inter alia backpacks, compression bandages)
Diesel and gasoline*
10 tons of AdBlue*
500 medical gauzes*
MiG-29 spare parts*
7,944 man-portable anti-tank weapons RGW 90 Matador*

Military support to Ukraine in planning / in execution

(Due to security concerns, the Federal Government abstains from providing details on transportation modalities and dates until after the handover)

Armored fighting vehicles

64 tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206 (BV206)*
66 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC)*
110 Leopard 1 main battle tanks* (project jointly financed with Denmark)
20 Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles*
Ammunition for Leopard 1 tank*
Ammunition for Marder IFV*

Air defense

6 IRIS-T SLM air defense systems*
Iris-T SLM missiles*
12 launchers Iris-T SLS*
Iris-T SLS missiles (from Bundeswehr and industry stocks*)
7 air surveillance radars TRML-4D*
18 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns*
300.000 rounds of Gepard ammunition


26,350 projectiles 155mm*
18 wheeled self-propelled howitzers RCH 155*
16 Zuzana 2 self-propelled howitzers* (project jointly financed with Denmark and Norway)

Military Engineering Capabilities

5 bridges for Beaver bridge-laying tanks *
18 bridge-laying tanks Beaver*
3 mobile and protected mine clearing systems*
40 mine clearing tanks Wisent 1*
1 Dachs armored engineer vehicles*
3 heavy and medium bridge systems*

Protective and special equipment

71 Vector reconnaissance drones *
121 reconnaissance drones*
10 unmanned surface vessels*
40 ground surveillance radars*
3 drone sensors*
1 Satcom surveillance system*
2,000 portable light systems*
8 mobile antenna mast systems*
5 mobile reconnaissance systems (on vehicles) *
370 border protection vehicles*
Vehicle decontamination system
11 communications electronic scanner/jammer systems*


12 Oshkosh Defense M1070 tank transporter tractors*
30 tank trucks (water/fuel)*
78 truck tractor trains and 86 semi-trailers*
3 load-handling trucks 8x6 with 8 roll-off containers*
71 Rheinmetall MAN HX81 heavy-duty truck tractors and 76 semi-trailers*
2 tractors and 4 trailers*
10 protected vehicles*
108 Mercedes Zetros trucks*

Combat Readiness and Survivability

13 ambulances*
Continuing deliveries of medical material*
100 MG5 machine guns*
100 GMG grenade launchers*
11,000 group module rations
40,000 first aid kits*
17 mobile heating systems*
132,480 40mm rounds for grenade launchers*
Field hospital (role 2)*
5,032 man-portable anti-tank weapons*

* Deliveries from industry stocks financed by German funds for security capacity building. Some of the deliveries require upgrades or productions is ongoing; also training measures take place.

Defense News June 2023