Canada is sending Leopard 2 ARV recovery tanks to Ukraine

According to a video released on Twitter by the Canadian Ministry of Defense on March 18, 2023, Canada has sent a Leopard 2 ARV, an armored recovery vehicle to Ukraine, based on the chassis of the Leopard 2 MBT (Main Battle Tank).
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A Leopard 2 ARV Armored Recover Vehicle is being loaded onto a military transport aircraft to be sent to Ukraine. (Picture source Canada MoD)

The Leopard 2 Family of Vehicles are the main battle tanks (MBT) in service with the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Leopard family also includes the Armored Engineer Vehicles (Leopard 2AEV) and Armored Recovery Vehicles (Leopard 2ARV).

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Canada has already provided Ukraine with 4 Leopard 2A4 tanks and another batch of 4 tanks was sent during March 2023.

The Leopard 2 ARV, also known as the Armoured Recovery Vehicle, is a specialized military vehicle designed to recover and tow damaged or disabled vehicles, as well as assist in other battlefield support functions. It is based on the Leopard 2 main battle tank chassis and is used by the German Army and several other countries.

The Leopard 2 ARV is equipped with a heavy-duty crane with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons, allowing it to lift and move damaged tanks and other vehicles. It is also equipped with a winch and a bulldozer blade for clearing obstacles and recovering stuck vehicles. The vehicle has a crew of four, including the driver, crane operator, and two support personnel.

In addition to its recovery capabilities, the Leopard 2 ARV can be used to provide maintenance and repair support to other armored vehicles in the field. It is armored to protect against small arms fire, shrapnel, and other battlefield hazards, and has a top speed of around 68 km/h (42 mph).

Overall, the Leopard 2 ARV plays an important role in providing critical support to armored units on the battlefield, ensuring that damaged or disabled vehicles can be quickly recovered and repaired to maintain combat effectiveness.