Milanion NTGS teams up with Global Ordnance for sales of Scorpion Mobile Mortar System in the US

Milanion NTGS (UK and Spain) and Global Ordnance (Sarasota, FL) have recently signed an agreement for Global Military Products, a business division under Global Ordnance, to lead sales and project management of the Scorpion Mobile Mortar System in the United States. The agreement was signed by Julio Estrella, CEO of Milanion NTGS, and Marc Morales, President of Global Ordnance at IDEX 2023, held at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi.
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“Scorpion Light” (or Alakran) mounted on a Polaris MRZR unveiled at IDEX 2023 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The United States is an important market for us, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Global Ordnance to highlight the importance of military units being equipped with time-tested and combat-proven systems like the Scorpion mobile mortar system," said Julio Estrella, CEO of Milanion NTGS.

The Scorpion, or Alakran as it's known in markets outside the USA, is the first of its kind, fully digital, automated 120mm/81mm mortar system designed from the ground up for shoot & scoot combat operations.

A primary feature is its ability to precisely fire eight rounds in less than two minutes from the park to depart, in and out before enemy counter-battery fire can take effect. Another feature, that makes Scorpion particularly attractive – especially to US DoD and international customers – is its platform agnosticism. It can be mounted on almost any 4x4 vehicle with a minimum 2-ton payload, wheeled, or tracked, from Light Trucks to Armored Personnel Carriers to JLTVs. Furthermore, their most recent build, the new “Scorpion Light” mounted on a Polaris MRZR was unveiled at the IDEX 2023 exhibition last month. This version is specifically designed for SOF or Airborne operations, again illustrating the dynamic versatility of the Scorpion Mobile Mortar System.

Marc Morales, President of Global Ordnance, said, "Our agreement will leverage the strengths of both companies to share the unique and impactful advantages of the Scorpion system as a flexible and agile solution that can adapt to changing mission requirements and operational challenges, providing high mobility and rapid-fire support for soldiers on the battlefield."

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