US approves sale to Germany of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic air defense missile systems

According to information published by the Israeli Business News Website "Globes" on March 8, 2023, the United States approves the sale of the Israeli-made of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic air defense missile system to Germany.
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Launcher unit of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile (Picture source : VOANews video)

Citing information from the "Globes" German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was given approval in principle by US President Joe Biden on March 3, 2023, to buy Israel's Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system during a visit to Washington.

Following the war in Ukraine, Germany wants to strengthen its air defense against the Russian threat and more particularly Russian missile attacks such as Iskander-M and Iskander-K which are widely used in military operations in Ukraine.

On February 5, 2023, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that Germany planned to invest €17 billion to strengthen its air defense capabilities with a new multi-layered anti-missile shield including German IRIS-T, Israeli Arrow 3, and American PATRIOT air defense missile system.

The Arrow 3 is a missile defense system developed by Israel and the United States for intercepting and destroying ballistic missiles outside the Earth's atmosphere. It is the latest addition to the Arrow Weapon System, which also includes the Arrow 2 missile defense system.

The Arrow 3 system is designed to provide a higher interception altitude, longer range, and greater accuracy than its predecessor, the Arrow 2. It is capable of intercepting long-range ballistic missiles, such as those that could be launched by Iran.

The system is composed of several components, including a radar system for detecting incoming missiles, a fire control system for guiding the interceptor missile to its target, and the interceptor missile itself. The interceptor missile is equipped with advanced sensors and maneuvering capabilities to enable it to home in on the target and destroy it with a kinetic warhead.

The Arrow 3 system has undergone extensive testing and has been declared operational by the Israeli Air Force. It is seen as a key component of Israel's multi-layered missile defense system, which also includes the Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Patriot missile defense systems.