Dutch armed forces get 284 additional Mossberg M590 shotguns

Overall, this measure is intended to achieve standardization and to achieve the diversity of the types of weapons previously used for breaching. The Dutch armed forces are already using other variants of the Mossberg M590 series as insert shotguns in the army and navy.
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Different versions of the new Mossberg M590 Breacher shotgun are used by the Dutch Armed Forces. (Picture source: MoD Netherlands)

According to Jan-Phillipp Weisswange in Soldat & Technik, the new Breacher shotguns basically have a basket-like flash hider with teeth. This allows the weapon to be attached to hinges or locks in order to open them safely with special ammunition. In the case of shotguns with a conventional muzzle, dangerous overpressures could arise or the weapon could slip. The new shotguns are not only safer: they are also more versatile. A rail on the shotgun allows various accessories to be attached to the weapon, such as a lamp or different sights. In addition to the special door-opening ammunition, the Breacher shotguns can also fire all other types of shotgun ammunition introduced into the Dutch armed forces.

The armed forces' own weapons workshop in Den Helder also adapts the Breacher shotguns to the individual needs of the different units. Streamlight fore-ends with integrated lamps, laser modules such as the CrimsonTrace laser saddle or adapter rails from B&T are among the options available. However, the basic weapon always remains the same. All shotguns are ready for use.