IDV Delivers First Manticore 12kN Multirole Tactical Vehicle to Dutch Armed Forces

Italian Defense Company IDV (IVECO Defence Vehicles) officially delivered the first of 1,185 medium multirole protected vehicles called Manticore to the Dutch Armed Forces on November 30, 2023, during the NEDS defense exhibition in Rotterdam in the presence of Vice Admiral Jan Willem Hartman, Commander of the Materiel and IT Command (COMMIT) and National Armaments Director of the Dutch Army.
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The Manticore is an infantry mobility vehicle designed and manufactured by IVECO Defence Vehicles for the Netherlands Armed Forces. (Picture source IDV)

This inaugural unit, named the Manticore, marks a key milestone in the "12kN & RCWS" project, which was initiated following a contract signed in 2019 with the Dutch COMMIT.

The delivery ceremony, held at the NIDV Exhibition for Defence and Security (NEDS) in Rotterdam on November 30, 2023, saw the presence of Vice Admiral Jan Willem Hartman, the Commander of the Materiel and IT Command (COMMIT) and National Armaments Director. This event underscores the strengthening of the strategic partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) and IDV, showcasing the company's commitment to enhancing defense and homeland security missions.

The Manticore, IDV's Multirole Tactical Vehicle (MTV), is an embodiment of modern military vehicular technology. It offers a unique blend of high tactical 4x4 mobility, stellar off-road performance, advanced system integration, and exceptional crew protection. Notably, the vehicle boasts a remarkable payload capability. Its modularity is a standout feature, allowing configurations such as Hard Top, Soft Top, Pick-up, Casualty Transport, Personnel Transport, and Command Post, making it versatile for diverse military applications across the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Military Police.

This delivery signifies a leap forward in the Dutch Armed Forces' operational capabilities and marks a new era in military vehicular technology and strategic defense partnerships.

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