France and Serbia collaborate on the production of armored vehicles Lazar and Milosh

Belgrade, Serbia, October 3, 2023 - At the Partner 2023 defense exhibition held in Belgrade, French Company Texelis proudly commemorated its remarkable and enduring partnership with Serbian Company Yugoimport, spotlighting their collaborative efforts on the Milosh and Lazar combat vehicle families. This alliance, spanning over eight years, is a testament to mutual trust, technical prowess, and close collaboration, with several hundred vehicles produced as a result.
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The Lazar 8x8 armored vehicle is jointed designed and developed by the Serbian Company Yugoimport and Texelis from France. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Since its initial involvement in 2015, French Company Texelis has played a pivotal role in the development of most vehicles by Serbian Company Yugoimport. The company's expertise was first sought for the mobility components of the Lazar 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Subsequently, Texelis was chosen to supply axles for the Milosh 4x4 multipurpose vehicle, renowned for its optimal balance in mobility, payload, and protection. Capitalizing on the Milosh's success, Yugoimport introduced the larger Milosh 2, equipped with Texelis' advanced T750 axles, enhancing its transport capabilities.

By 2023, Texelis will have outfitted a significant number of Lazar 3 8x8 IFVs and continues to fulfill orders for T900 axles. The company's T700 axles are also a staple in Milosh vehicles. In total, Texelis's contributions to Yugoimport vehicles underscore a partnership of unparalleled excellence.

The export potential of the Milosh, Milosh 2, and Lazar 3 vehicles suggests a promising expansion of existing fleets in the foreseeable future.

This exemplary partnership positions Texelis as a primary supplier not only for Yugoimport and the Serbian Army but also as a trusted global provider of military mobility solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Simultaneously, Texelis has broadened its horizons, now offering comprehensive mobility solutions. A notable example is the French Army’s Serval 4x4 armored personnel and systems carrier, a joint venture with France's premier Defence company, Nexter, a KNDS affiliate.

Texelis prides itself on forging strong relationships with its clientele and suppliers, viewing them as invaluable partners. This close-knit bond ensures that Texelis continually innovates to cater to specific partner requirements.

In a bid to further enhance its services, Texelis has amalgamated the expertise of "Team France", strengthening the historic ties between France and Serbia.

France and Serbia collaborate on the production of armored vehicles Lazar and Milosh 925 002
The Serbian-made Milsoh 4x4 armored vehicle is also equipped with axles and transmission from the French company Texelis. (Picture source Army Recognition)

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