HAMAS uses drone attack tactics from Ukraine to destroy an Israeli Merkava 4 tank

According to several videos published on social media on October 7, 2023, in coordination with the rocket attacks carried out by Hamas against Israeli territory, HAMAS is copying the methods used in the conflict in Ukraine to destroy an Israeli Army Merkava 4 Main Battle Tank (MBT), considered to be one of the best-protected tanks in the world due to its armor technology and its active protection system against guided missile fire; it is true that the upper part of a tank is its weakness.
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According to unverified sources, HAMAS used a drone to drop an explosive device on the top of the turret, destroying an Israeli army Merkava 4 tank. (Picture source Social Network video footage)

HAMAS has now adopted methods used in the conflict in Ukraine. This could mean that they are learning from other global conflicts and adapting their strategies accordingly. It's not specified what these methods are, but they are effective enough to target a Merkava 4 tank.

The Merkava 4 tank is considered as one of the best-protected tanks, emphasizing its advanced armor technology and an active protection system against guided missiles. This suggests that if Hamas can target such a tank, they have significantly advanced their capabilities.

Tanks, like the Merkava 4, have long been symbols of ground superiority in conventional warfare. Their heavy armor, firepower, and mobility make them formidable opponents on the battlefield. The Merkava 4, in particular, is renowned for its advanced armor technology and active protection system, which shields it from guided missile fire. This suggests that in conventional warfare scenarios, such tanks remain critical assets for ground operations. However, the protection of tanks must now be adapted to the new threats of the modern battlefield, especially against drone attacks and loitering munitions.

In the War in Ukraine, Russian forces use cage armor mounted on the top of the turret. The system is very efficient but it reduced the mobility of the tank as well as the use of the main armament.

As drones and loitering munition become more prevalent on the battlefield, tanks need to be equipped with systems to detect, track, and neutralize them. Counter-drone jamming systems can disrupt the communication links between drones and their operators, rendering them ineffective or causing them to crash. These systems can be integrated into the tank's existing electronic warfare suite, providing a multi-layered defense against both reconnaissance and armed drones.

Counter-drone jamming systems are primary defenses against drones, disrupting their communication links. By jamming drone frequencies, tanks can neutralize them, causing a loss of connection and making them return or crash. These systems are part of the tank's electronic warfare suite for real-time drone disruption. Modern tanks can also have radar systems to detect low-flying drones, alerting crews for early countermeasures. Anti-drone lasers, directed energy weapons, can target and destroy drones with high-energy beams.

Electro-optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors detect drone heat signatures, especially from propulsion systems, allowing tanks to deploy countermeasures or reposition. Drone defense nets, though more common in stationary setups, can be adapted for tanks to physically capture close-range drones. Acoustic sensors pick up the distinct sounds of drones, especially propeller-driven ones, alerting tank crews even if the drone isn't visually detectable. Tanks can also deploy smoke or aerosols to obscure reconnaissance drone vision, hindering their information relay or munition guidance. With advancing drone technology on battlefields, tanks need multi-layered defense systems. Integrating electronic, physical, and sensory countermeasures enhances tank survivability against drone threats.

HAMAS uses drone attack tactics from Ukraine to destroy an Israeli Merkava 4 tank 925 002
The Israeli-made Merkava 4 Main Battle Tank is considered one of the most protected tanks in the world. (Picture source Israeli MoD) 

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